Tales from the Intramural field: Week 1

The title says it all, it’s a basic run down from my intramural team, I’d Hit That.

Week 1: We played a team named “Sean’s legs” or something like that. The only thing that really resonates in my mind about this game is that, if it were a fight they would’ve stopped it. Countless errors in the field and an in-ablitlty to hit the ball will generally lead to a loss 10 times out of 10. I personally accounted for some of the errors, being the wannabe gold glove infielder that I am.

There were a couple highlights though, the first inning we made some great plays in the field and didn’t get scored on, and in the last inning we did score 2 times, granted we reached on an error, but still. The final score was definitely indicative of how the game went, with it being 13-2 not us. Oh well, as I told my guys, I feel sorry for whoever plays us next!

It’s not our fault though, most of us hadn’t played since we were like 12, we practiced a little bit but it didn’t appear to help us seeing as the game was played on turf and not dirt. I really think it all goes back to us being somewhat nervous, but believe me when I say next week will be better. You can follow the whole season here, or on my twitter @fmiller17. Here are some of the stats that were the silver lining in that beat-down.

Brad Emerick 1-1

Cody Boggs 1-2 (R)

Logan Lawrentz 1-2 (RBI,R)

Franklin Miller 0-2 (RBI)

Seriously guys, that’s it, but hey just like I always say, 1>0.

See ya when I see ya!




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