Frank’s Picks: Week 3

I might’ve missed the first couple weeks, so what, sue me. With that being said, IT IS TIME! You’re about to witness the greatest series of picks ever seen. I will pick 5 games, 3 at random, 1 lock of the week, and then whichever game is hosting College GameDay. LET’S GET IT ON:

#2 Florida St. vs #10 Louisville NOON (College GameDay)

If Jameis Winston shows up and delivers a speech a la week 1 I will go with the Seminoles, but seeing as that probably won’t happen I gotta go with the next Pat White, Louisville’s Lamar Jackson. Fla St. is missing their best Safety Derwin James due to injury, and I think the fast offense of the Cardinals will take over. Let’s not forget Louisville is the home team, and will more than likely have a ruckus crowd on hand. Again, Jackson is the TRUTH!

Louisville wins, but it’s close.

#1 Alabama vs #19 Ole Miss 3:30pm

I’m sure it’s well noted somewhere online that I’m not Saban’s biggest fan, just because the way he left Miami. With that being said, he’s a WV guy and I respect the heck out of him and how dominant he is. Alabama’s OC Lane Kiffin might be completely silent this game after receiving an “Ass Chewing”(Saban), during the middle of last weeks game. Might I add they were up by 28 points.

I’m a bit biased because I like Ole Miss and they normally have Bamas number, but I think the Crimson Tide are just too fundamentally sound this year (you could say that every year).

Bama wins, if you want a score, let’s go with 24-17. It is SEC ball after-all.

#3 Ohio St. vs #14 Oklahoma 7:30pm (LOCK OF THE WEEK)

I don’t know what Oklahoma back-up QB Austin Kendall was thinking when he said, “I think they (OSU) have a really basic defense.” Because that’s top 10 worst things you could say before you play someone that could potentially light you up. He’s lucky he’s the back up because anyone in their right mind would poke the bear that is OSU.

Ohio St. wins, quote me on it. 3 score victory.

Akron vs Marshall NOON

This one is pretty tough to choose, just because I have a friend playing for Akron, but I grew up a Herd fan. Normally Marshall whoops non-conference, and conference opponents for that matter. However, this year could be different, after this week vs Akron they go up against Louisville (mentioned above), which will probably be over before it kicks off.

Anyways, I’m taking the Herd in this one, let’s make it 38-35. Marshall is coming in at 17.5 point favorites so I’m giving the benefit of the doubt to Akron.

Sorry, Kyle. I will be cheering for you though!

#20 LSU vs Mississippi St. 7:00pm 

Well, what needs to be said about this? Les Miles seat is BURNING at LSU, and Mississippi St. basically lost to an online college in week 1.

The game is in Death-Valley and that name alone made me pick the Tigers, although I will probably watch 3/4 of the game, start feeling sorry for St. and start cheering for them.

Let’s just hope for our guy Stingray’s sake it’s not too big of a beat-down.


LSU takes this one. Sorry Stingray Steve, nothing personal.


And that does it for my picks this week, if y’all really expected an in-depth breakdown of the games, sorry. That’s not my m.o. I really pick games at random and pray I get them right. I’m not a data guy, James is a data guy.

There it is, remember 1>0, now I leave you with this video I think is hilarious. 




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