Tales from the Intramural Field: Week 2


Didn’t I say we were gonna win Week 2? I’m so pumped right now, I feel like I could hit a ball to the freaking moon at this point! Let me break it down for you, last week we got rolled, but this week ohhhh we won, and there’s no stopping this team now!

We won with a Final Score of 4-2, we got scored on first, but never gave up. We hit the ball when we needed to, made some FANTASTIC plays defensively, and our pitching was second-to-none! Tonight’s lineup looked completely different than last week, we were trying to find everyones best fit and I think we have. Words cannot describe wow pumped I am, well maybe they can and that’s why I’m writing this to begin with.

My game personally was very solid, made a couple Web Gems in the field (I dove for a ball and tossed him out, turned a double play, and tagged a guy out behind my back), and went 2-3 (R). My season goal this year was to bat .240 which is bad for IM softball, but good for utility defenders in the MLB. I’m basically the next Sean Rodriguez.Right now I’m at .400, needless to say if a scout game and watched me play no one in baseball would have a job because I’d take it. I mean if TIM TEBOW can sign with a playoff team, then I could at least play for the Twins or something.

Other key stats from tonight:

Logan Fryfogle  Countless Gold Glove plays at 3B

Noah Smith 2-3 (RBI)

Sam Boso: 2-4 (R) Gold Glove 1B

Heckuva game from my guys tonight, week 3 is ours!


Remember to be the man you’ve got to beat the man! WOOOO! 1>0


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