All Praise the Tebow

Is there anything that Tim Tebow can not do?

Our lord and savior was born on August 14, 1987 in the financial hub of the Philippines, Makati(bet you didn’t know that one), to Baptist missionaries.  Tim was home schooled his entire life, and it wasn’t until legislation was passed in the state of Florida that allowed home-schooled students to participate in high school athletics that his true ability was unveiled and the rest is history.

Whether it was winning a national championship with the Florida Gators, becoming the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy, or causing the creation of “The Tebow Rule” timtebowwhere NCAA athletes are banned from putting messages on eye paint, Tim Tebow caught everyone’s attention during his college days.  Even though he had his doubters going into the 2010 NFL Draft, Tebow was selected 25th overall by the Denver Broncos.

Well five years, three teams and an overtime playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2012 later, Tebow left the game of football.  No matter where he went after the Broncos, he just couldn’t impress enough for a permanent contract.  Tim wrote a book(Through My Eyes), starred in some controversial  commercials, and tried his hand at broadcasting for the SEC Network during “retirement”, but it wasn’t enough for the almighty Tebow.  He had an itch that only professional athletics could scratch.  That itch has been scratched by baseball.

Now many athletes are talented enough to play multiple sports growing up, some are even multi-sport athletes in college, but it takes a special kind of athlete to play multiple professional sports.  Jim Thorpe, Bo Jackson, and Micheal Jordan(hahahahahahaha) are some of the most well known two-sport athletes ever, but could Tebow soon join that list?

After hosting an open tryout for all 30 MLB teams, the team that took a chance on him was the New York Mets, who signed him on a minor league contract.  In My Eyes(see what I did there?), signed Tebow is a low risk with a medium reward.  Do I think he’ll be an All-Star in tebow-baseballthe major leagues?  No.  Will he ever have a single at-bat in the big leagues?  Yes.  I can absolutely see Tebow working his butt off, as he has previously throughout his athletic career, and getting a chance with to shine under the spotlight he is very familiar with, but this time on a different field.

Before I go out and buy his #15 Mets jersey, I’d like to mention that it’s absurd that an NFL team will not pick Tebow up on any level of a contract.  You’re telling me that a quarterback with playoff experience(I know it’s very minimal, but hear me out) and one who offers a different style of play compared to a pocket passer can’t make it as a 3rd string guy?  The New England Patriots are down to their 3rd string, rookie quarterback in Jacoby Brissett, and you don’t think Tebow could help that team?  If Mark Sanchez can be a starter in the NFL, so can Tim Tebow.

Why didn’t the Tebow experiment work in the NFL?  I think it’s a mixture of not the right coaching and his style of play entering the game at the wrong time.  Tebow dominated college ball with his speed and agility in and out of the pocket.  This mobile type of play is still not prominent in the professional game today, but it’s rapidly growing.  Russell Wilson, Jameis Winston, and Cam Newton(we’ll get back to him later) are perfecting this art of play, but it was little too late for Tebow’s time.  Cam Newton is one of the best QB’s in the NFL, using him arm, feet and mind to make quick decision under center that pay off for his team.  Now who did he backup for two years under a great Urban Meyer system?  You guessed it: Tim Tebow!  At the end of the day, Tebow was just at the wrong end of the curve for “his” kind.

Back to baseball, Tebow will succeed on a diamond.  His personal drive and determination will take him to the next level put him back on the highlight reel.  Come on, you can’t tell me he won’t have some web gems and plenty of stolen bases in his career.  As you’re reading this, Tebow has already hit a home run in minor league ball.  Ladies and gentleman, Tim Tebow is back for good.

P.S.- I can’t wait to start Tebowing again!tebowing

Until next time, farewell, and remember:

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben

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