Tales from the Intramural Field: Week 3

Dang, this was a tough one that’s all I have to say.

We lost in the last inning 11-9, yes we blew a lead, yes errors reared their ugly head again. However, I’m not going to get down on my guys because we did a lot of things right. We hit the ball nicely, if you would’ve told me we would score 9 before the game I would’ve said, “sweet looks like we’re going to win again.” Pitching was great again, and for the most part fielding was fine, but early in the game before we were all focused we had a couple that cost us. (There were also some questionable calls made, but those guys aren’t pros out there either)

This was most of us after the game: rodriguez-gif

I will put this loss on me as  I am the Owner/GM/Coach/Utility Man. It’s my fault because I told my guys not to try hard since we already have our draw for the playoffs on Thursday Night, and I didn’t want anyone hurt, and now I regret that since we lost all momentum before the important games.

All I have to say is don’t count ‘I’d Hit That’ out, just don’t give up on us yet. We’ll be alright, I believe we will go into the playoffs under the radar and surprise a few teams, just watch.

You can follow all games on my twitter: @fmiller17

Remember 1>0

P.S. R.I.P. Jose Fernandez, one of the brightest young pitching stars in baseball. Definitely will be missed by many.



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