FIFA 17 Pro Clubs: The Journey Begins

The epic quest for Division 1 glory.

FIFA 17 is finally here.  After months of anticipating, making suggestions on how to change the game, and playing the beta and the demo, the full game is here at last.  This means that my friends and I are in for another year of testing our courage, strength, and friendship in our favorite game mode: Pro Clubs.

If you don’t know, Pro Clubs is a game mode where you play as one person on a team of other individuals against other teams set up the same way.  You can choose any position on the field and fully customize your character from his birthday to his weight.  Every decision you make affects your character’s growth, and the only way to get the top of the world leader boards is to work together as a team.  The ultimate prize is to become champions of Division 1, and that’s exactly what my friends and I set out to do.

Now to give you a brief history of our Pro Clubs careers, we’ve been playing together for a few years, with FIFA 16 being our most successful year.  We were able to get to Division 3, but we were in and out of different clubs, but this year will be different.  If we stick to one club, through the thick and the thin, the good internet connection and the bad, we will have our name in lights come the end of the FIFA year.

showtime-cfThis year, we are Showtime CF.  Established in 2016, Showtime CF is a sophisticated club that plays with high intensity and grit, all while maintaining a classy image.  Without big money owners backing the club, Showtime CF must prove themselves by starting in Division 10 and working their way up to the top of the Pro Clubs world.

Now Showtime CF doesn’t accept just anyone to play for them.  That player must show experience, unselfishness, and raw talent if they want their chance to wear the badge.  Here is your inaugural lineup for Showtime CF:

Bo Jackson

Position: ST     Height: 6’1″     Weight: 231 lbs

That’s right, Bo is back.  This time he’s suiting up in shorts and shin guards, but he’s still as menacing as he was before he retired.  Bo brings a mixture of strength and speed to the front line of Showtime CF, bullying opposing centre-backs on his way to goal.  Whether he is “bodying up” players with great hold up play or pestering the goalie on corner kicks, Bo can get into your head and let you know he came to play.  You wouldn’t want to get in front of this tank when he’s running in the open field.

Tim Tebow

Position: CAM, LM     Height: 5’8″     Weight: 181 lbs

Joining his fellow multi-sport athlete, Tim Tebow isn’t only trying his hand at baseball this year.  Tebow can play behind the strikers or out on the left, dishing out through balls and crosses to perfection.  Even though he’s known as a provider, Tim doesn’t shy away from long range shots or making a back post run.  Tebow is skilled with both feet, so if you get the ball to him, just wait for the magic to happen.

Dieuson Octave

Position: CM, LB     Height: 5’10”     Weight: 225 lbs

The Swiss Army knife of the team, Dieuson Octave can play any position.  Making crunching tackles, sending in corners or doing skill moves past defenders, he does it all.  Dieuson prefers to play up the middle, but loves to go wide to take players on in space.  At left-back, Octave leads from the back, winning back possession, and serves as an extra attacker in the final third, making overlapping runs that not only free up space for his teammates, but get him the ball.

Barkavious Fallatah

Position: ST     Height: 5’8″     Weight: 178 lbs

The Burkina Faso native is the newest member of the squad, but he already is an important part of Showtime CF.  This pacey striker loves to hug the defensive line, waiting to make deadly goal-ward runs, timed to perfection.  Barkavious is known for his finishing touch, squeezing shots in from any angle, and though he is small in stature, he is always a threat off of corner kicks.  Forming a strong partnership with Bo, Barkavious is ready to take the Pro Clubs world by storm.

Steve Nash (Captain)

Position: CDM     Height: 6’3″     Weight: 179 lbs

(game footage unavailable; recreated representation)

Steve Nash leads his men into battle as Showtime CF’s first ever captain.  Though he is a computer generated player, Nash has played with his teammates since the beginning.  He brings vast knowledge and experience to the side, and he plays a perfect role as the backbone of the team.  Nash is always talking on the pitch and leading by example.  With the armband on, Nash leads the charge to take Showtime CF to the promise land. (Yes there is a computer on Showtime CF named Steve Nash, and yes he is the computer picked captain, we didn’t make this one up.)

With a few of our friends waiting to get the game, more players will be signing with the club in the near future, but can Showtime CF find quick success, or will it take time for the new club to develop?  Check in next week to see how we perform in Division 10.

Until next time, adios, and remember:

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben

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