Tales From the Intramural Field: Playoff Edition

We lost. Badly. It’s honestly kind of embarrassing, the final was 13-0. It was an absolutely woeful performance from all of us. We normally don’t do well against teams that have any sort of prior baseball experience. We do jokes and play a bunch of out-of-shape guys, we don’t do jokes and play a bunch if guys in cleats.

I had a ton of fun playing, however I wish we could’ve won more, now I’m out $36 which is basically $1M to a college kid and we went 1-4, now I don’t even know how we got the 1 win. All in all it was a good season in terms of figuring things out, you could call this a bridge year if you want. Hopefully all the guys will want to play in the Spring season, and who knows, maybe we finally figure out hitting and dominate the league… actually let’s just shoot for winning 2 games next time. And if we don’t get it then, we’ll get it the season after that!

As mentioned previously my goal was to bat .240, and I ended up batting .444, so that’s a positive point at least.

Anyways here’s a bumming song to close out the storybook season:



See you when I see you, remember 1>0.

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