Jim Harbaugh buying Twitter Followers to hit 1M the Same Time as Urban Meyer is the Most Harbaugh Thing Ever

Last night Ohio St Head Coach Urban Meyer happened to reach 1 Million Twitter followers, a very big feat in the terms of modern recruiting.

Leave it to the biggest recreational hardo there is to try and match him. Coach Harbaugh is like that cool dad that still parties as his old Frat house during game days and thinks it’s still okay to hit on the Sorority girls because, “the ol’ ball and chain ain’t here, son.” It’s well documented Harbaugh is a try-hard, who else wears cleats to toss out a first pitch ON TWO SEPARATE OCCASIONS!?

Exhibits A and B:

Now the sad side to this story is we can’t confirm all 5,000 new accounts are fake, but we are almost positive considering they’re all eggs!


Drake said it best to Meek Mill when he said,  “Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers.”

Can’t wait to see the Michigan/Ohio St. rivalry play out on the field


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