The 3 Underground R&B Artists You Should be Listening to.

Modern R&B is bigger and better than ever, after all that is what girls use to deal with their most recent breakup. From the almighty Drake, to the newer sensations like Bryson Tiller and PARTYNEXTDOOR, R&B is officially back in the mainstream world. But you aren’t here to read about artists you’ve heard a million times, no. You’re here to find the next up-and-coming stars that you can show your friends before they blow up. Don’t worry, you came to the right place.

1. Devvon Terrell

One of many new artists that have made a killing off of YouTube, Devvon Terrell has a solid following of over 600,000 subscribers and over 90 million views. His army of WEIRDO_0’s are loyal and help spread his videos like wildfire. His most recent EP The Renaissance   shows off everything this Brooklyn boy can do. devvon-terrell-the-renaissance-300x300His versatility in just 7 tracks will leave you putting this project on repeat. The first track Y’all Hear Me Now proves that he not only can sing, but rap better than most. Devvon puts his R&B vocals on display in songs like So Proud, Why so Serious, and my personal favorite on the EP, IDK. Please, keep your comparisons to yourself. His production, style, and vocals are all original and can change your mood in an instant. You can check out Devvon’s website with all of his music and his social media here.


2. dvsn

First off, you could definitely make the argument that this deadly Canadian duo isn’t underground, but they definitely aren’t mainstream. At least not yet. Vocalist Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 make up the “group” dvsn. Signed to Drake’s OVO Sound, as well as featuring on VIEWS, these two definitely got a little help to put them where they are today. dvsn-sept-5thTheir album SEPT. 5TH is, in my opinion, a 10-song classic. The clean instrumentals of With Me and Try/Effortless mixed with Daley’s smooth vocals are perfect for any late night cruise. Let me warn you, don’t listen to Hallucinations or Angela too late at night because you will catch the feels and you will call your ex. Angela is directly inspired by Elliot Smith’s classic Angeles which you can hear in the similarity of some of the lyrics. The mellow-jazzy instrumental is completely different from other records on the album, but is one of the best because of the emotion thrown into it. Do yourself a favor and check the album out here.


3. 6LACK

The mysterious 6lack has taken the R&B world by complete storm. Presumably coming out of nowhere, this soon-to-be superstar technically only has 4 songs out. Crazy right? His two main hits, which have gained over a million plays each, are Prblms and Ex-Calling (his remix to Future’s Perkys Calling). I would like to personally thank 6lack for taking that amazing instrumental and not ruining it like Future did (shots?). b38b0b802c0141534d39eb0577578b8a.598x600x1.pngBlack Bear has fans begging for more music and has teased everyone about a possible album in the near future.

6lack is the epitome of “too cool music” and can have you feeling like you’re better than everyone else as soon as you press play. Unfortunately, you might have to keep those four songs in rotation for a little while. I’m telling you, this guy is going to be huge…and he knows it too. Keep up with 6lack by following him on twitter and who knows, maybe new music is just around the corner.



When these R&B artists blow up, just remember you saw it here first. Enjoy everybody.


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