Burritos for Life? Umm, Yes Please!

Chipotle’s Burrito Card is what dreams are made of.

Chipotle, I applaud you.  You may just have the greatest marketing strategy/way to make thousands of people jealous ever.  Everyone knows what Chipotle is and how delicious their food is, but how does free Chipotle for life sound?  I’ll give you the readers a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor and clean up the drool.

That’s right, Chipotle has Burrito Cards that grant that recipient one free burrito per day for life.  How can I get my hands on one of these cards you ask?  Well it’s simple really, just be an athlete, celebrity, or public figure that loves Chipotle.  Not the answer you were looking for?  It makes me sad too.

Burrito Ambassadors, as they are called, range from famous athletes to pop stars to social media giants.  Though most card holders are household names, how they got the card is a mystery.  Does one have to hit a certain number of followers on social media to be considered?  Does one have to self-promote Chipotle like crazy?  Does Chipotle just hand out these cards like candy in Hollywood to market their brand?  The Burrito Cards are so exclusive, no one except “the chosen ones” know the full scoop.

Here are some examples of what the sacred Chipotle Burrito Cards look like and who has one:


This is the box that your personalized card comes in.  YouTuber Austin Null was awarded his card earlier this year, and he provided the public with this great picture of his Chipotle care package.  I would lose my mind if I saw one of these in my mailbox one day.


Big Sean’s prayers were answered when he received his Chipotle Burrito Card.


Here we have NBA stars Jeremy Lin and, MY FAVORITE PLAYER, Chandler Parsons (or CP25 as I like to call him) cashing in with their cards.

Two more big names letting their Twitter followers mesmerize over their Burrito Cards.


Possibly the best card recipient of them all, Steven Tyler is clearly excited about his Burrito Card.

Now, I have conducted research into the Chipotle Burrito Cards.  Though I could barely find any details on them, it looks like some cards grant burritos for life and some grant burritos for a year.  Either way, Chipotle, if you’re reading this, hit me up!  I will devote my social media accounts, wear apparel, and even get a tattoo (well maybe not that far) to promote your name and brand, just give me a chance!

Until next time, auf wiedersehen, and remember:

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben

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