Fall/Winter Sports Predictions

Fall/Winter Sports Predictions

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It rained today. Not a good rain that is beneficial to the foliage around us but the horrific rain that makes you contemplate your entire existence. The type of rain that makes you realize that it’s the beginning of a long 4 months of walking outside into the tundra where you question if dropping out of college to be homeless on a beach is an acceptable option. But in other news sports kinda get interesting again during this time so there’s that. We bring in the heart of college football with conference play in full effect, MLB is winding down which gives us the best games, and basketball is just on the horizon. This makes getting through the week just bearable that you don’t spend all your money on a plane ticket to Hawaii. I just wanted to get a few predictions and questions out for the start of this sports season so that we can see what all is in store for us in the coming months.

Predictions/Question Marks

  • The Cub’s will win the World Series. This is just their year and with that recent comeback in the 9th, it is clear they are gunning for the title more than ever.
  • College football will have some huge upsets that totally throw off the playoff. Ohio State losing to Michigan State again? Alabama laying an egg? It will be interesting to see.
  • College basketball will take a while to see who they real teams are. Now with one and done freshman, it is impossible to tell who is good at the start of the year. We won’t see any exceptional basketball until January but when they do expect the usual suspects, Kentucky Kansas UNC, to be on top until tourney time.
  • Hockey still won’t be watched (sorry Frank)
  • Lebron will have competition in the East (until it actually matters later in the season). Mainly from Boston, Atlanta, Indiana.
  • The college football playoff predictions will change every week. Big losses late in the season will make things interesting. (Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, and Washington)
  • NFL will have low ratings and the games won’t be that interesting. But the Steelers Patriots Vikings and Falcons will be the favorites late in the year.
  • LSU, Oregon, USC, Texas will be paying insane dollar amounts to replace their head coaches in football
  • WVU won’t lose a game in football or basketball (a boy can dream can’t he?)

Peyton Hughes

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