Ken Bone Sells Out, You Never Know Till’ You Know

That’s right, the man we all thought we knew has sold out the first chance he got. As the saying goes, “I guess you never know someone till you know someone.”

We as a country looked to him in a time of need, and we all believed in the change we thought he’d bring, and now he’s no better than any other crook politician. See for yourself:


WE MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE KENNETH! Then he goes and takes the hashtag #BoneZone as if selling t-shirts of our idea wasn’t bad enough. I hope he enjoys the top, I hope he enjoys the heck out of it, but I hope he remembers it’s a looooong fall.

I’m now starting a new hashtag, #DownWithBone, it’s got a nice ring to it.


P.S. As soon as someone offers us 1 penny, we are selling out!

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