Big 12 Expansion Falls Through, For Now

It’s been on the horizon, then it hasn’t, then it has been again.

The Big 12 Conference has been under the spotlight as being the weakest link in the Power Five conferences of college football. No championship game, the least number of teams in the conference, and down years for the banner carrying school (Texas), hasn’t made the conference seem any more relevant in the eyes of people around the FBS landscape. This year in particular has been brutal with the Big 12. The possibility of being left out of the playoff again is most certainly a reality with only Baylor and West Virginia being the only undefeated teams left, and even they haven’t been convincing enough, yet.

The conference has been looking for answers. Today, they may finally be answering them. Well, at least they hope. Expansion is something the Big 12 has been under pressure to do for the last couple years, but the heat has really cranked up in 2016. Around 2:00CT this afternoon, university presidents of the Big 12 met to talk expansion. Schools like Houston, South Florida, BYU, Colorado State, Cincinnati, among others have been in the discussion for expansion.

An announcement slated for later today will officially determine whether the Big 12 expands, delays expansion, or stays put at 10 teams. Whispers and rumors have been circulating but it looks as if the Big 12 is going to keep the conference at 10 teams.

The verdict is still out on whether this was the right decision, but the national coverage is going to pour down on the conference questioning the logic and reasoning behind the decision. The playoff committee will look at the conference with there only being 10 teams and have to figure out whether the conference has enough depth to see whether the conference champion is worthy of a spot in college football’s final four.

As for the ultimate future for the league, there is a serious question on whether the Big 12 will survive with only 10 teams. Would Texas or Oklahoma leave if the conference expanded? If it didn’t? Or would they just leave anyway? Those schools hold all the cards in this situation.

If one of those schools make a move, it could be fatal for the Big 12 Conference.

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