Recap of the Week

Who would have thought that a week in the middle of October would have so much to talk about? We had everything from incredible MLB playoff games to a living legend (possibly Batman) Ken Bone gracing the world with his presence. This has been a solid week for 2016 and here at The Break Room we hope to catch you up.

THE Ken Bone- American Hero

During the most recent Presidential debate where citizens were allowed to ask questions, we were met with what would become one of the greatest American heroes known to date, Ken Bone. Ken Bone asked a relatively standard question about energy and jobs which was met with the ordinary presidential responses. Immediately after this man asked his question to millions of people on television, the internet went off! From tweets about “Ken Bone” for president to his iconic red sweater from Izod selling out in less than 24 hours and even appearing on late night talk shows, Kenneth is etched in stone as one of the greatest memes in American history. Here at The Break Room we try hard to stay on top of current topics and that’s exactly what we did with this story. A tweet about Ken Bone being the upcoming 30 for 30 film from our twitter account amassed 536,000+ views in less than a week. We would like to thank Ken Bone for his patriotism and we expect him to trend upwards in the polls as election day draws near.

Tim Tebow- The Man We Strive to Be

Just as news of Tim Tebow’s baseball career was starting to slow down, we get hit with one of the most astonishing stories of the year. While warming up for his baseball game Tebow spotted a man having a seizure in the stands close to where he was throwing. Tebow ran over to the man and comforted him in this medical emergency and almost through divine intervention, the man got better. Now the man didn’t get up and start walking away from it, but he returned to a normal state which gave medical personnel time to come to his rescue. Seriously though what can’t Tim Tebow do? Win a national championship in college football ü Win an NFL playoff game ü Hit a homerun in his first professional baseball game at bat ü Heal a man having a seizure?? We will save praise on that last one but I don’t believe it to just be a coincidence.

MLB Playoffs

It’s finally time. We can care about baseball again. Playoff baseball is a fantastic part of sports and is underrated by the youth of America. I have watched more baseball in the past 2 weeks than I did during the 182 regular season. This week we saw Cleveland advance (I know crazy right, Lebron really is the King), the Cubs continue dominance, Toronto win their series and the Dodgers/ Nationals keep their hopes alive. All those teams have blue as their main color…Coincidence? The next round of games have just started and we are in for some exciting baseball coming up.

USA Soccer

The US men’s soccer team tied New Zealand this week in an international friendly 1-1. Now I am no soccer fanatic but I do understand how sports work. The United States doesn’t hold a candle to the rest of the world when it comes to futbol and I hope they are able to do so soon. Soccer matches are great to watch due to the constant motion, incredible skill and potential for a SC Top 10 play every second. The US has a great fan base and I do hope that in the coming years we have a team that can go toe to toe with the likes of Brazil and Spain.

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