Nintendo Steps Up Their Game

Nintendo reveals its new system, but will it be a success?

A few days ago, Nintendo gave the world some news that we’ve been waiting for for quite a while now: they are launching a new gaming system.  The Nintendo Switch(or NX as avid fans know by its code name) is the next big thing in gaming.  The video below was posted by Nintendo as a first look into what Nintendo Switch is and what it is capable of:

So now that you’re up to speed with what I’m talking about, here are my key points and questions surrounding Nintendo Switch:

Do we have another Wii U on our hands?

As a lot of you may know, the current Nintendo system on the market, the Wii U, bombed.  Continuing on after the success and originality of the Wii, Nintendo released the Wii U in 2012 to get a head start in the console wars ahead of Sony’s Playstation 4 and Xbox’s Xbox One.  Well, long story short, it didn’t work.  The Wii U may have been great for the die-hard Nintendo fans playing Mario and Legend of Zelda titles, but it couldn’t fight with the “power” consoles released a year and a half later.  Nintendo got the marketing all wrong, the price wasn’t appealing, and even though this was the first ever Nintendo system to support HD graphics, the Wii U flopped.

That being said, Nintendo Switch raises a lot of precautionary eyebrows as to whether or not it can break out of Wii U’s disappointing shadow.  My verdict: it will.

Can a home/handheld console work in today’s market?

As you can see in the video, the biggest eye-catching feature of Nintendo Switch is the fact that you go “smoothly” transition from gaming at home on your television to playing on the go.  The way that you go back and forth is also intriguing, taking apart the home controller, attaching to a tablet/screen built into the main console, and playing it wherever you please.  Though it’s a very cool concept, I have some questions.

How good will the battery life be?

Obviously with a home console, you don’t to worry about battery life(except for wireless controllers), but when you take Nintendo Switch on the go, how much playing time will you have?  In the video, we see a man playing his Nintendo Switch at the airport, on a plane, in a taxi, and finally reconnecting the tablet with his home console.  Though we don’t know how long his flight took, it would be very impressive if Nintendo Switch could comfortably last as long as it looks.  If we compare the Switch tablet to smart phones and tablets out today, my guess would be that the battery life would be no less than 10-12 hours.

How many controllers are there?

Again, we look at the video to see what all is required to play Nintendo Switch.  During the airport scene, we see the man playing his home console with one controller, playing the tablet with detachable controls from the first controller attached to the side, then he props the tablet up with a built in kickstand and takes the detachable controls off to play it with two mini controllers, one in each hand, and then when he reattaches the tablet to his home console, he plays with a common controller that resembles an Xbox One controller.  Will all these options be available when purchasing the console or will it come with one controller and the other common controller be an additional purchase.  I believe it will be the later.

Nintendo improves its game availability


The last thing I noticed in the reveal video were the games being played.  Of course we had Mario title being played, and the new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but NBA 2k17 and Skyrim?!  That’s what I’m talking about!  Nintendo are working on bring third-party developers such as 2k and Bethesda into the fold and create a partnership for Nintendo Switch.  The release of game like this has yet to be seen, but it’s exciting to see that the Switch is introducing better graphics and more games to chose from.

What’s it going to cost?

The moment you’ve been waiting for…the price.  Well, I don’t have answer for you.  I do have a prediction however.  Taking the prices of handheld systems, tablets, and home gaming systems all into consideration, I can see Nintendo Switch having a starting price of $350.  I think it would be smarter to bump it down to $300, but I have a feeling that Nintendo will bump it up to get the most out of their brand-new system.


Nintendo Switch is an exciting system that begins a new era of gaming systems for the foreseeable future.  The release date for the Switch is March of 2017, so we won’t have to wait long to get our hands on it.  Will I be getting one in March?  I don’t think so, but I am excited try it out and hopefully wait for a price cut next holiday season.

Until next time, sayounara, and remember:

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben

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