The Next Up: Duckwrth

This dude is Uugly. At least that’s what his newest album says.

Duckwrth is our first ever “The Next Up” artist and easily deserves it. His newest album “I’m Uugly” came out in late September, so I’ve had plenty of time to listen to it and tell you my favorites.


The 10 songs on this album will leave you eager for more. The instrumentals Duckwrth gets over are clean, but also show his versatility. From a fun track like Lowridr to a track that you can slap in your car like Look at the Time, it proves you can’t put Duckwrth into a box. Rare Panther, one of my personal favorites on the album, almost gives me an old school The Dean’s List vibe from 2011.

If you like catchy hooks, well thought out verses, positive music, or if you’re just flat out ugly, Duckwrth is your guy. Give him a follow on twitter if you’d like to find out what else he might have up his sleeve. Below I’ll have the tracks on the album you definitely should give a listen.

  1. Look at the Time
  2. Lowridr
  3. I’m Dead
  4. Rare Panther
  5. Blow My Mind
  6. Get Uugly

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