‘Friends’ Sucks

Yes, I said it. I won’t back down from it.

Let’s get to business.

Friends is the most overrated television show of all time. Point blank. Not even Jennifer Aniston could save this show, and that’s saying something.

What could be a more basic premise to a show than a group of friends screwing around, making terrible jokes, and eventually getting together with a friend of the opposite sex? Don’t tell me there’s a great background story. I’ve watched enough episodes to know that it isn’t any different from the rest of the bogus shows. The fact it went on for as many seasons as it did just kills my faith in humanity. What could be anymore cliche than two friends getting together, taking a break, and then getting back together in the end? I could’ve guessed it would happen whenever Ross and Rachel first got together.

Friends is bogus. Why couldn’t people actually watch something funny during that time, like Seinfeld or King of Queens? Hell, even Home Improvement with freaking Tim Allen is funnier than this garbage. In all seriousness, when I watch Friends, I barely find myself chuckling at any silly joke. I don’t find myself sucked into any of the drama. I didn’t find myself shocked when Ross said Rachel’s name when he was saying his vows with that other girl nobody could give a damn less about.

Out of all the vastly popular shows from the ’90s, Friends is easily the one that confuses me. The show is predictable. The show is basic. The show is boring. Now I know someone somewhere will say, “simpler is better!” No it isn’t. Give me a break. People now love shows like Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, and Narcos because of the unpredictability and sharp twists and turns. Friends does not have those things going for it. It never has.

I know a lot of people won’t agree with this. That’s fine to have your own thoughts and feelings. But I don’t like Friends, never have liked Friends, never will like Friends. I’d rather watch a Big Ten noon game than watch Friends (CFB fans will get what I’m saying).

Don’t ask me to watch Friends, I’ll be watching a show about nothing.



One response to “‘Friends’ Sucks

  1. The fact that you compared a 90s show to 21st century hits shows your ignorance . Hour long dramas have no relation to a situational comedy that let people in the late 90’s relate to their lives. There is no problem not liking a show but when you rant about it and include dumb fluff that has no point being there , makes your argument irrelevant .


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