Bandwagon Fans

We live in a world of instant gratification. Everything that we could ever want is at the tips of our fingers. If you ask me, it is a wonderful thing.

A trend that I find encouraging for our generation is the increase in the bandwagon and fair-weather fan. Forever it seemed like people attached themselves to their local sports teams. Luckily, our generation has begun to figure out the problem with this. If you live in a city that is known for losing, you’re going to miss out on all the great things that sports can provide.

Our generation has seemed to ask a great question. Why should we root for our local team? Does anyone have a good answer to this question? All I can think of are these: People want to root for their local sports team because their tax dollars paid for the stadium. There is no way that because of a few tax dollars, you are going to root for the 76ers after consecutive last place seasons. What’s a few dollars to a fan anyways? The next reason I can think of is that people haven’t upgraded their TV package, and are stuck watching Da Bears all year. Nowadays you can get coverage of every game possible, so root for whoever the hell you want. Another argument that people might make when pledging loyalty to their team is that there is pride in sticking with your team through the worst of times. I urge you to ask a Browns fan who’s stuck by their team through 19 starting quarterbacks in 15 years, what that pride feels like. These fans may tell you that “the sweet just ain’t as sweet without the bitter.” Let me be the first to tell you, these fans have no idea what they are talking about.

Being a bandwagoner is so much better than being a die hard fan. Take Cleveland for example. Sure, Cleveland is one of the worst sports cities in America, but they have had their bright spots. I used to be a Cavs fan, and then LeBron left. I spent some money on a Miami Heat jersey, and enjoyed some championships. Recently, I started rooting for the Cavs again. Last year, that comeback after being down 3-1 was so sweet. The entire sports world had counted us out. Sure, I wish I hadn’t ordered a Curry jersey after game four, but it could come in handy this year. I enjoyed every bit of that championship last year. No one can tell me that a diehard, lifelong Cavs fan got any more enjoyment out of that series than I did. It just is not possible.

I think that it is time to fill you all in on my favorite teams. NFL? Patriots. I don’t know if there has ever been a greater coach-quarterback combination. CFB? ‘Bama. It is a lot of fun winning national championships every year. NBA? LeBron James. Greatness. NHL? Well, last year I liked the Penguins. MLB? I actually like the Indians and Cubs. You could say that it has been a good year for me. It could have also been a good year for you, but you probably decided to root for your alma mater again. All you did was spend the best four years of your life there and give them all of your money. But sure, hook’em horns, sparty on, boomer sooner. To hell with that, ROLL TIDE.

I hope that you all realize that we live in a day and age where we can root for whoever we want. No one is going to hate on you for switching between games mid game. And if they do, well uh, hater’s gunna hate right? Come on, be a bandwagon fan and start having more fun watching sports.

David Szymanski (@Szymanski96)

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