Best Venues/Crowds in Sports

As a college student who has been to many different sports venues and watches sports every night of the week, I have been exposed to many great atmospheres. The fans are what make sports what it is and there are some venues that are an absolute sight to see. It is my goal to get to as many fantastic sports happenings as I can in my life time but for now I’ll lay out the best there are to see.

International Soccer

There isn’t a better spectacle in sports than an international soccer match. I would say, far and away, the best fans in the world are Futbol fans. The passion is unmatched, the national pride is obvious, and the traditions are a sight to see. A clear example of this is Iceland National Team at UEFA EURO 2016. Now I don’t know the ins and outs of soccer but I can appreciate fans. As the team was making a miraculous run in the tournament, their fans stole the show. Their Viking chant of theirs was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen and hope they keep up their incredible support for their team.

Daytona International Speedway

I have voiced my opinion on NASCAR but I can’t argue that some of the best fans in the world are racing fans. The excitement on the track is unmatched in the sports world and it shows in the fans. The Daytona 500 is the pinnacle of racing and the fans show up in masses. I do hope to attend a Daytona 500 one day even if I just pay attention to the first 10 and final 20 laps.

Los Angeles Coliseum

The history of the LA Coliseum is absolutely incredible. Historic success of USC. Great fans of the Rams/Raiders. Two Olympic games 1932/1984. The Grand Daddy of them all. All of these are a part of the LA coliseums history. It is definitely the best venue in sports and is an absolute honor to play here. The talent and stardom that has passed through its halls in unparalleled and hopefully will continue to host the best sports has to offer.

College Football

I hope to get to as many big college football games in my life and great college stadiums are home to some of the best spectacles sports have to offer. LSU’s Tiger Stadium shows its importance by knowing that LSU is 45-5 in home night games. That is an insane advantage when you know their overall record during that time is 103-29, which is still impressive but not the same odds as a night games. Clemson’s entrance into their stadiums is hailed as the “most exiting 25 seconds of college football”. When the team runs down that hill and touches Howard’s Rock, you know it’s game time. Notre Dame is a fantastic sight all around and is home to some of the richest traditions sports has to offer. The Big House of Michigan is the biggest stadium in college football which makes for some incredible crowds, even though it took Jim Harbaugh to fill it.


The Masters

This venue has the quietest fans in sports, and even has a rule where you get kicked out for moving at a speed more than a slow walk. This history, the stories, and the talent makes it at the top of most people’s list. Thousands of people who aren’t even golf fans flood Augusta National every year just to say “I went to the masters”. The best talent in golf attend the tournament every year and It locks me in to my TV every year. It seems like year after year, there is a story line or competition on Sunday afternoon that has millions of people hooked.

Honorable Mentions

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football- they have sold out every home game since 1962…. that is absolutely insane seeing as they haven’t always had a top 10 team

Fenway Park & Wrigley Field- top 2 venues in baseball have fantastic history and even more interesting parks with the green monster in Boston and the ivy in the outfield in Chicago

Seattle Seahawks Fans- the 12th man is a solid fan base and has gotten recognition recently, but it is tough to judge if the fans just jumped on the bandwagon

Hockey- now I don’t know enough to say a specific team, but hockey fans are nuts. I have heard from many people that “once you go to a hockey game, you are hooked” so I might have to check that out

Green Bay Packers- the team is owned by the fans and these people take insane pride in their team

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