College Football Picks: Week 9

We are 9 weeks deep into the college football season. What four teams will end up in the playoff? I have no idea, but I’m going to give you “my expert opinion” anyway. Here are my week 9 predictions:

#4 Washington: 42 

#17 Utah: 24

Spread: Washington -11

Washington is having one of their best seasons ever and Utah has been a consistent top 25 team over the past 5 years. I think this game will be close in the first half but Jake Browning and the Huskies offense will be too much for Utah to contain.

#3 Clemson: 31

#12 Florida State: 27

Spread: Clemson -4

Clemson should be a 1 loss team and I’m still angry at NC State’s kicker for choking away that upset 2 weeks ago. Clemson is coming off of a bye so Dabo should have the Tigers well prepared for the Noles. Florida State hasn’t missed a beat since getting embarrassed by Louisville in week 3, this is a huge game for Jimbo’s team and could decide who wins the ACC this year.

#7 Nebraska:  22

#11 Wisconsin: 28

Spread: Wisconsin -10

With Ohio State being upset, it’s very likely that the winner of this game could go on to win the Big 10. We’ll see if Nebraska is for real or not in this game. They’ve only played one ranked opponent all season (#22 Oregon) compared to Wisconsin who has played 4 top ten teams already.

#10 West Virginia: 45

Oklahoma State: 21

Spread: WVU -4

I don’t want anything I say in this article to jinx WVU’s chances of winning. I will say that the Mountaineer defense has been one of the best in the country. This will be a big road test and I’m sure Mike Gundy’s mullet will be ready.

#15 Auburn: 35

Ole Miss: 38

Spread: Auburn -4

Ole Miss upsets Auburn at home with a game winning field goal, you heard it hear first. The Ole Miss defense got embarrassed by Leonard Fournette and the LSU offense last week. I think the land shark defense tightens up and gets the W.

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