R.I.P. Vine (My All-Time Favorites Compilation)

Hello everybody, the ol’ ball coach is back after a brief hiatus. For those wondering my computer is still broken and I’m writing this by displaying my screen on my TV (Thank You Peyton for the cord).

Anyways, it’s been announced that Vine is going to be ending in the coming months, however if my readings are correct you can still watch old vines, you just can’t make any or post them anywhere. Enough mindless chit-chat, let me showcase some of my favorite Vines of yesteryear.


It’s an entirely different show after seeing that.


Uhhh I think we just watched a kid die.


C’mon I mean that right there is gold.


Who knew Chris D’Elia had the voice of an angel?



I normally hate on Buzzfeed, but this was pretty funny.



Yeah, I had a couple posts, and they were all money!

Anyways, hoped you enjoyed this, might release a part 2 right before the app goes down for the count. If you want to see all the ones I’ve liked over the years, I believe my name just Franklin Miller, if not try like fmiller17 or something I don’t remember.


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