The Story of the 76er Fan

A tough few seasons of going to 76er games pushed Philadelphia-based urologist and Allen Iverson jersey-clad fan Richard Harkaway to the breaking point. Since the 76ers appeared in the 2001 NBA Finals, they have missed the playoffs eight consecutive years. They have finished as the worst team in the league multiple times. This historic level of incompetency would push any diehard fan to the edge.  Harkaway had little patience for this coming season.

It was only seven minutes into the game when Russell Westbrook drove to the basket and came down with an and-1. He then gave a glare to the crowd to see a group of 76er fans full of hope that their team can win something other than the draft lottery this season. Sitting in this crowd was Richard Harkaway. Harkaway is like most fans. By that I mean that he is insanely, but divinely inspired to root for his hometown team. Given that the 76ers have finished with a winning record once in the last decade, Harkaway had little patience for his team this season, and apparently all it took was a three-point play by Westbrook to push him over the edge.

Watch below:




The guy gave the double pistols and a F- you. Now, it’s normally not socially acceptable, but we have all been there. We all understand Richard Harkaway’s feelings in this moment, and while I don’t think many fans have the courage to do it, they all wish they could.

Richard Harkaway has been condemned for his actions during this game. He even released an apology. However, here at The Break Room we are going to celebrate fans like this. The Harkies will be awards given out periodically to the biggest fanatics in sports. When I see a fan worthy of a Harkie I’ll be the first to give them credit. We are going to praise fanatics because we have all been there.


David Szymanski (@Szymanski96)


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