What To Watch: Hit It Hard

Tonight’s the night golf fans everywhere have been waiting for, the ESPN 30 fro 30 about John Daly (Hit It Hard). Daly was golfs bad guy when the game needed him the most, a real-life Happy Gilmore. The guy could hit the ball a mile, ripped cigs on the green, drank like a fish, and gambled most of his money away. Heck the guy is still a fan favorite (not just because he wears peacock color way pants), I remember when I saw him play at The Greenbrier Classic I said to him, “Cheering for you John, you’re the man.” Needless to say he didn’t respond.

Even if you aren’t a golf fan it still should be a great documentary, Daly has certainly lived an interesting life.

Check you the trailer for yourself.




Let me know what you think about it, the documentary airs tonight (Nov 1st) 8:00pm, you can tell us your thoughts on Twitter @breakroomshow or my Twitter @fmiller17


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