TOP 5 Best Athletes from Movies

Everyone loves a great sports movie that includes triumph, determination, and a crazy outcome that nobody (except everybody) expected. Anyway, last night’s World Series game between the Cubs and Indians proved that some crazy shit happens in this wonderful world of sports. So I based my list on what I believe to be some of the best athletes that have shown up on the big screen. This does not mean the best athletes that played a character (MJ in Space Jam).


Starting my list I’m going to go with Cody Griffin from the Disney channel original The Thirteenth Year. You may think this is ridiculous but this boy was literally a fish. He would smoke Phelps in the water. You might think that this is unfair because he is technically a merman, but Brittney Griner is basically a dude and she’s in the WNBA soooo.


Next on the list is Gerry Bertier from Remember the Titans. Gerry Bertier overcomes racism and becomes best friends with Julius in this movie. Bertier was the white guy who made that team come together. He was also a freak beast on the field and lead that defense. You can’t replace Gerry Bertier. Also that car that hit him completely exploded after it crashed into him. He was made of steel. RIP Gerry you were the best.


Rocky Balboa. The Italian Stallion might be the highest grossing fictional athlete of all time. There’s a total of total of seven Rocky movies, with Creed being the newest. He was not just the Heavyweight Champion of the World, but his movies are filled with inspirational quotes and badass montages. Rocky teaches us that no matter how many times you get rocked in the face, you still get back up and keep fighting. Also, that brain damage exists and can happen to any boxer, including Rocky.


Ok, you might not think of Forrest Gump as being a sports movie, but he played football at Alabama. Gump was an All-American kick returner and got to meet the President, (only after drinking about 15 Dr. Peppers). Not only that, he was a World Champion Ping Pong player. If he wanted to, he could’ve ran in marathons and won those. Forrest might not be able to spell “Athlete” but he is a damn good one.


Air Bud……Not really. I’m still going to go with Michael Jordan. You put the greatest basketball player of all time with the Looney Toones and a great soundtrack, and you get a great movie. MJ saved planet Earth from the MonStars, a group of aliens who stole the powers of NBA All-Stars. In that game we see MJ shoot 22-22 from the field and have 44 points with the game winning dunk. His “Airness” was clutch once again in the biggest game in the history of the world.

So there are my picks with most of them being serious ones. My friend and colleague, Peyton Hughes, will be doing a continued version of this list, except his will be worse and less funny.

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