The Break Room

The Break Room is going to be changing over the next few weeks. What we hope to give our followers is everything that the professional sports and entertainment networks do, but in a more intriguing way. Whether it’s ESPN, Fox Sports, hell even the E! Network (Frank knows that alley well), we think that we can be more entertaining than they are. We want to be the outlet people turn to when they read about all interesting topics.

As of recent we have really only covered specific stories in sports and entertainment. Our staff has picked stories to write about and while the individual content has made sense, we have not been able to give our readers complete coverage.

Moving forward The Break Room is going to give you a more complete coverage of all things interesting. The content you can find on The Break Room weekly will now be power rankings for all of the major sport leagues, top plays of the week, gambling picks, game previews, TV shows, or movies you should be watching, musical artists you should be listing to, and the boss’ favorite Late Night With Franklin Miller. We also can’t forget about The Break Room podcast that James puts up once every 3 months, and Sunday’s with David on Periscope. We hope to release as much content as possible, when it comes to more videos and podcasts in the immediate future.

To go along with this weekly content, we will continue to have the articles by the staff. It will take some time, but eventually The Break Room will be the one site you can go to receive all the information you need.

Follow us on all forms of social media (below) to help us make this all possible.

Twitter: @BreakRoomShow

Facebook: The Break Room Show

Periscope: @BreakRoomShow

Snapchat: the_breakroom

And if you want to see the guys that make up The Break Room, click below.

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