College Football Power Rankings 11/7/16

                FOUR IN

  • 1) Alabama Crimson Tide (9-0)I’ve said this before but I am pretty sure this team would be competitive in the NFL. They are absolutely dominant. They held Leonard Fournette to 35 rush yards and a 2.1-yard average. This was 8 times less than his previous games average rush of 17.8. They have 2 tough games left at Mississippi State and at Auburn but I still see Alabama as the favorite to get the #1 seed in the playoff.
  • 2) Clemson Tigers (9-0)The tigers have some big wins so far this year against Louisville, an emerging Auburn team, and Florida State. The thing that might hurt them in overall ranking is the schedule they play. They have wins over Troy, SC State, Boston College and Syracuse. This isn’t really their fault but there is a drastic drop off in opponent from Louisville to SC State. They have an easy schedule going forward with their only challenge being whoever wins the other side of the ACC for the conference title.
  • 3) Washington Huskies (9-0) – Washington is an interesting team to me and doesn’t get as much love as they play on the west coast. They have played a decent schedule so far but have 2 tough games left against USC and Washington state who seems to throw for 750 yards a game. The Huskies have scored points averaging 48 a game while holding opponents to 17. They are extremely balanced which gives them a chance against anyone. They also have Jake Browning who is a top 3 QB in the country having thrown 34 TDs with only 3 INTs.
  • 4) Michigan (9-0) – I have a hard time putting Michigan this high because they have played absolutely no one. They have stomped much weaker competition and could only put up 14 points when they played a decent opponent in Wisconsin. Blowout wins against Hawaii, Rutgers, Illinois and Maryland don’t really prove a point to anyone. Never the less, they haven’t lost yet which is impressive up to this point but we won’t know anything until they play Ohio State. I really think the Big10 is weak which shows when Michigan plays 2 solid games all year. Right now they are in the top 4 but are immediately out of consideration if they lose.



  •  5) Louisville Cardinals (8-1) – I think this is an absolute dominant football team. Lamar Jackson is the best player in the country and can carry them against anyone. Their only loss was at Clemson by 6 which by any standards is the best loss you can have. Their only downfall is their weak schedule. They played Charlotte, Marshall and BC. They play at Houston which still is a solid team, but won’t (if Clemson wins out) have a chance to play in a conference game. I think the Cards are really strong but is a tough sell for top 4 unless two teams above them lose.
  • 6) Ohio State Buckeyes (8-1) – This is a very dominant Buckeye team. Again playing in the Big10, I don’t give them the utmost credit but other than Penn State, they look pretty solid. They still need to win the Big10 championship to be considered for the playoff. Michigan State and Michigan will both be tough opponents at the end of the year but if they win out, I don’t see (as much as I hate to see it) how they can be out of the top 4.


One response to “College Football Power Rankings 11/7/16

  1. You are incredibly incorrect. It startles me how your brain decides that this was the correct order let alone the comments and points you chose to build your argument on. You find Washington at 3 because they live closer to the Pacific Ocean and that they are interesting. Exceptional insight. Next is Michigan. Struggling to put them at 4…really? Are you a rock or do you live under one? Hasn’t played anyone, but they beat a top 10 team and blew out a team (Penn State) knocking on the door to being a top 10 team. The shocking thing is that you decided to use a loss from Penn State to justify how good Ohio State is. Can’t wait for next weeks power rankings


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