What to Watch: Monday Nov 7th

In today’s edition of “What to Watch,” I’m going to showcase a few YouTube videos you should check out in your free time. Personally, I spend too much time on YouTube, which come to think of it is why I’m so good at making content. Anyways let’s get it going!

  1. Bill Murray and some other random guys sing “Go Cubs Go” on SNL.

This song is sweeping the nation reaching even people that don’t like baseball, as a Pirates fan I hate that, but dang it , it’s too good to hate.

2. Trevor Noah decimates that one blonde girl on Facebook your one (potentially) racist family member always shares.

When Noah first got the job I was skeptical, but I now believe he provides an informative and hilarious look from a foreigners (not the band) perspective.

3. Normally I hate click-bait(ish) style videos, but these people at WatchMojo.com are good. This video about abandoned buildings was pretty interesting.

There’s your 3 videos for the day, got any you think I should watch, tweet me @fmiller17, @breakroomshow


Cue outro music:

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