NFL Power Rankings

Below are my NFL power rankings. Enjoy, and leave a comment with your thoughts.

1. New England Patriots- 7-1 Streak: W4 Differential: 85

The Patriots are the best team in the NFL and they have the record to prove it. Their one loss came in week four against the Bills while being well into the depth chart at the quarterback position. They amended that loss with a win over the Bills (41-25) in their last game. Coming off the bye week, they have the Seahawks coming to town. If they can win that game on Sunday Night, they have the easiest part of their schedule.

2. Dallas Cowboys- 7-1 Streak: W7 Differential: 83

The Dallas Cowboys have the best roster in the NFL. What they lack is experience (cue Tony Romo?). Dak and Zeke are both playing their first season in the NFL. The reason for the 7-1 has been a top level defense paired with the best offensive line in the NFL. The best win for the Cowboys was at Green Bay a few weeks back. Because of a somewhat weak schedule, they have not completely sold me on being able to win in the playoffs. However, as long as they continue to win, they’ll have a great advantage playing in Dallas come playoffs.

3. Seattle Seahawks- 5-2-1 Streak: W1 Differential: 28

After the top two teams, there was a plethora of teams that I could have put at this spot. I am putting the Seahawks here after a big win on Monday Night Football because they have one of the best defenses in the league along with a healthy Super Bowl winning quarterback. The Seahawks are just getting things going, and I am confident they have the talent of a top three team.

4. Oakland Raiders- 7-2 Streak: W3 Differential: 22

I know everyone is hopping on the Raiders bandwagon, but I struggled putting the Raiders this high because I really do not think they have the talent of a top five team. They lack the defense that is needed to compete with the top teams in the NFL. Derek Carr is proving to be a top-level quarterback, but he has yet to play in a playoff game. The Raiders being this high is due to their record. I don’t expect them to remain in the top five for an extended period of time.

5. Kansas City Chiefs- Record: 6-2 Streak: W4 Differential: 34

Andy Reid has built another contender only proving furthermore that Philadelphia made an awful decision in letting him go. The Chiefs this season have dominated at home, and have proved to be solid on both sides of the ball. Minimizing mistakes has been the key to success to this point, but the Chiefs are not going to be able to beat a top-level quarterback come playoffs. They should enjoy being a top five team while it lasts.

6. Denver Broncos- 6-3 Steak: L1 Differential: 48

The Broncos are the defending champions and they are poised to be a contender this year. Despite three loses, their differential is still +48 showing that they are a capable team on both sides of the ball. If the Broncos can get hot in the coming weeks, and find a way to get home field advantage for the playoffs, I see them making a return to the Super Bowl. However, without home field advantage it is hard to see them going very far. I think the Broncos are better than both teams ahead of them, but I cannot put them there because of their standing in their division. Expect to see them break the top five in the coming weeks.

7. Atlanta Falcons- 6-3 Streak: W2 Differential: 46

Devonta Freeman, Julio Jones, and Matt Ryan have proved to be one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL. Winning in shootouts has been what the Falcons have had to do with the way their defense has played this year. I put the Broncos and Chiefs ahead of the Falcons for the simple reason that they have competent defenses. However, it is possible the Falcons score so much that they don’t even need a defense.

8. New York Giants- 5-3 Steak: W3 Differential: -3

The New York Giants have won three in a row, and this feels like what could be another sneaky Super Bowl run. Coughlin is gone and they have responded well to the new coaching staff. They are the only team to beat the Cowboys this year, and they did it in Dallas. Eli Manning can win the big game, its just about getting him there, and it looks like the Giants are poised to do that.

9. Minnesota Vikings- 5-3 Steak: L3 Differential: 29

The Vikings have lost an offensive coordinator and three games in a row. Despite all of this, I still put them in my top ten because of the talent that they have on the defensive side of the ball. This could be one of the greatest defenses in the history of the NFL. If it weren’t for a miracle win by the Detroit Lions, the Vikings would be sitting at a impressive 6-2. They’ll get their chance at revenge on Thanksgiving day when they meet with the Lions again.

10. Houston Texans- 5-3 Steak: W1 Differential: -30

I know the Texans have not been able to score the ball all year, but they have found a way to win every game they were supposed to. The Texan’s have only been defeated on the road by the Patriots, Broncos and Vikings. There aren’t many teams in the NFL that could win those games. The Texans are going to have to find a way to score the ball, but I really do believe that they are a top ten team right now.

Teams to keep an eye on:

Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers called his team out after their last game, and if they catch fire they are a top five team.

Pittsburgh Steelers- They still have more talent on the offensive side of the ball than any team in the NFL. Can they turn things around with a healthy Big Ben?

Detroit Lions- I’m serious. Matt Stafford has been playing great and he has proven to win close games. If they can beat the Jaguars after their bye week, it will set them up for a big Thanksgiving Day game.

David Szymanski

4 responses to “NFL Power Rankings

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  2. So are the Pats so good because of their players (from office picks) or their coach (coaching up the talent and putting them in position to win). Don’t give me a little of this and a little of that. What do you think?


  3. The Pats are great because of a combination of things. I think their organizational competency is what has created their greatness. From top-down, the Pats are great.


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