My Election Reaction

It’s finally over! After at least two years of hearing about campaigns, running mates, and controversy, we the people of the United States of America have elected a new President. Let’s not forget that there were many other positions filled during this election, such as Senators, House members, and state governors, but the one position that had everyone’s attention was of course the Presidency.  The vote tally was extremely close, but in the end, only one candidate could win.  Welcome to the Presidency Donald J. Trump!

Now I’m not going to get into subjects from before the election because I’d probably sound like a broken record.  Some may wonder how we ever got to this point, but what happened happened and we move on.  What I want to focus on is what happens after the election.

There have been a lot of reactions, positive and negative, to the results of this election, especially on social media.  I scroll through Facebook and Twitter seeing posts about leaving the country and argument after argument about differing opinions and it saddens me.  This is not how a united country should react.

Of course, looking at the election results, there are millions of Americans with different views and opinions than you.  That being said, there is no need for hateful words, thoughts, or dare I say actions.  We are all Americans and we should always have that in our hearts and minds.  The person you are arguing with on Twitter is a fellow citizen of the U.S. and the new President of the U.S. is a fellow citizen, let’s not forget.  We are all brothers and sisters of this great nation and that won’t change because of who’s in charge.

I understand the frustration for Hillary Clinton followers, Gary Johnson followers, and every other presidential candidate’s followers, but there is no need to shed tears and have your head down because there is hope, no matter how deep you must dig inside of your heart to find it.  I never voted for Barack Obama.  I didn’t agree with his stance on a lot of issues and I couldn’t imagine him leading my country.  However, I stand here today with a different opinion.  At the end of his eight-year term, I can say he has had his fair share of victories and losses, but you know what?  We’re breathing.  We’re free.  We’re still proud Americans, so how can I complain?  I went into this election knowing that no matter what the results were, we would be alright.

We have to remember that we live in the United States of America.  We’ve been through terrible times and we’ve had times where we have flourished.  We stand for what we believe in and we fight till the end.  We fix problems and leave things better than when we found them.  We created this country from the ground up and we continue to show that same determination today.  We need to believe the cup is half full, keep a positive mind, and honestly believe that we are the best country in the world.  With the right mindset, we will make it through anything and everything.

Now I hope that after the dust has settled from this election and by the time President Trump is sworn into office that we can stand up, hand-in-hand, and unite as a country to take on the future.  We can not sit back and wait for President Trump to fix our problems; there is a lot that we can do ourselves too.  No matter what your gender, race, sexuality, weight, height, age, what job you have, or your socioeconomic status is, you have a purpose.  There are people who love you, agree with you, and would fight for you in this country, so why not do the same for them?

I will end by wishing the newly elected President, Senators, House members, state governors, and state and local politicians the very best during their terms.  I have faith in all of you and I look forward to seeing what we all can do for our country in the coming years.

Until next time, God Bless America, and remember:

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben    (How fitting!)

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