Office Power Rankings: First Edition

The rules are simple, everything that the guys have done in the past week will go into account. I will grade everyone equally and rank them 10-1. I can’t wait to see the discrepences this causes, what are they going to do, fire me? hahahaha

I am the judge, I am the jury, and in this case I’m the executioner.

10. Brett 

He missed his deadline for an article on last week, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt, when I brought it up to him he said, “Don’t you understand that I’m a full-time student and I have a job?” So do the rest of us Brett, tread lightly, you’d better get excellent content at this soccer game you’re going to .

9. Kyle

What more can I say other than, he was at the greatest game in baseball history and didn’t even tweet out a measly picture. Oh, and he didn’t write an article last week. I believe in him, I just have to see some motivation. (He is reportedly working on a World Series video…reportedly, can’t stress it enough)

8. Vince

No articles, I know it’s hard to continuously find new music to talk about, but even compiling a list of old favorites would suffice. I’d also like to see him retweet old articles to gain page views.

7. Joe

1 article in the past week, and he forgot to add tags to his articles to help gain views.  I can’t stress content enough. content content content, I need some basketball highlights tweeted out or something. we’re trying to grow a brand here. Although, he does do a good job about retweeting other stuff.

6. Ian

I respect the fact he’s trying real hard here. Can’t knock a guy for trying to do his best, but it’s the little things, the inconsistencies. He’s the type of guy to toss a 50yrd TD pass, then toss 2 picks. He tweeted his article out at midnight last night, as if the world needed to know right then about the Cowboys QB situation instead of the Election. Think just think.

5. Noah

As our registered marketing guy, I was expecting new innovative strategies to reach people. Haven’t gotten that, did do a good job on our logos and graphics (other than spelling Brett’s name wrong) . Marketing Strategies 0 Graphics 100 (I’m probably going to get a text after this is published)

4. James

Had a couple solid articles last week, still would like to see more tweets. No podcast last week (not surprised). Also waiting for the “About” page to be finished on our website. Did do a decent job all-around though of course I’m basically obligated to say that because he’s a co-founder. Hoping for a big week from him this week at the USA v Mexico game!

3. Peyton

Multiple articles last week, he definitely understands the concept of trying t0 make jokes not headlines. Hosted a sweet tailgate for the WVU v Kansas game last Saturday, and had  a good week of tweeting. He does continue to lack the basics of making articles viewable on the website, most of the time I do it for him and he doesn’t know that.

2. Frank (ME)

I’m not going to give myself the top spot because I know that’s not true. It’s a democracy, not a dictatorship. I had a great week of tweeting, had multiple articles, and I’m the only one constantly doing shows. I’m wheeling and dealing out here. Only knock is that I don’t get enough page views and need to go in on twitter and reach our goal of having 500 followers before Christmas.

1. David

I’m taking full credit  for bringing him on. What a diamond in the rough I found, eh? He’s doing multiple articles, retweeting old ones, he just started his periscope show that was a great success, and he seems like one of the only extremely motivated guys on the team. I have no downsides on David this week. He is the number 1 guy for a reason.


Hopefully this will motivate them to want to be one of the top guys and not get dragged through the mud for all to see. Still love em’ all though.


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