So Cowboys… What’re You Gonna Do?

Anyone with a pulse who halfway keeps up with the NFL knows about the problem the Dallas Cowboys are facing. People are divided with answer to it. And nobody knows what the right answer is until we see it.

It was insane to think before the season that when rookie Dak Prescott took the starting job over injured Tony Romo that he would hold the job once Romo returned. Now it isn’t farfetched to think Prescott might keep the job after getting the Cowboys off to an extremely surprising 7-1 start.

You can’t sit there and tell me anyone saw this coming. I thought the Cowboys would be AT BEST 4-4 at this point in the season. Yet Prescott and rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott have shined in their blazing starts in their rookie campaigns. The offensive line has helped out with being one of the best in the NFL but the way the duo have transitioned into their offensive scheme has been smooth as silk.

To me, I truly think the answer is Prescott. Here’s why:

Team chemistry is key in all team sports but especially football. And the Cowboys have been working as a nicely oiled machine on offense so far this season. The team seems to back Prescott and his ability to be a dual threat can keep defenses on their toes. He’s also very accurate with the ball and doesn’t make very many rookie mistakes which usually plague players by this time already. If Prescott keeps up this pace, it could arguably be the best season a starting rookie QB has ever had.

Tony Romo on the other hand is getting older. With the injuries he has suffered over the past few seasons, I would be hard pressed to believe that it wouldn’t happen to him again. A bad back with him not getting any younger is a recipe for disaster. Plus, Romo could possibly mess with chemistry that prescott, Elliott, and the rest of the offensive group has gathered over the first half of the season. It doesn’t seem like a very winnable situation to me if Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones decide to put Romo back as a starter.

Of course, I’m not the one calling the shots. Everyone in the Cowboys organization has to answer to Jerry Jones himself. But if Jones wants a chance to have a special team in 2016 and beyond, he’s better off with Prescott.

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