Let’s Talk About Tiger

Tiger Woods is the most dominant athlete of my time. I grew up watching him play in his red shirt on Sundays and as a young child I didn’t fully appreciate what he meant to the sports and pop culture world. Up until his time, golf was played and watched mainly by 55-year-old men who thought shooting 23 over was a good round for the day. Tiger made it cool to play golf, to watch every weekend, and even be good at golf (not just slap the ball around). People who have never picked up a club would tune in to watch him play on Sunday afternoon. He transcended a sport that was tailored to a specific set of people. If Tiger was in contention on the 4th day, your 80-year-old great aunt would be asking how many shots is he behind. Now today the top golfers are Rory, Jason Day, Jordan Speith, and Dustin Johnson. Rory had 2 wins in 2016 with 18 events played. Dustin had 3 wins. For a 10-year span, it was a disappointment if Tiger didn’t win 2 major championships just to put that in perspective. From 1999-2003 he averaged 6.5 wins a season. This is absolutely unheard of in the world of golf. In 8 separate years, he won 5+ events. Tiger didn’t just win a few big events a year, he won most events he played in! My point with this article is to appreciate the greatness that is Tiger Woods. For the past 3 years, sports casters have been looking for the “next Tiger” but I don’t think it will happen. He made 94% of cuts he played which is an obscene amount. He didn’t just win, he dominated week in and week out. 60% of the tournaments he played, he got 10th or better. Wherever he showed up, he was immediately the favorite. Now I know he has had physical health issues and I hope that he can fully recover from those. I just want to see him play at a high level again.

Since I know Tiger reads my articles, I want to give him a little advice from a played with a 10 handicap (at one time in my life).

Tiger…you are the best golfer to ever step foot on this planet. Forget the swing coaches, forget all the people you have had in your ear. Play your game and become the mentally intimidating giant you once were. You would change swing coaches and caddies forgetting the fact that you are TIGER WOODS.


So in closing I just want to say that I hope Tiger makes his way back on the golf course in a competitive manner again. If in the next year Tiger Woods is in contention at the end of the tournament, be prepared for TV ratings to double if not triple, and for everyone to be wearing a red shirt on Sunday.

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