NBA Power Rankings 11/11/16

The NBA season is back in full swing and you are starting to get a glimpse of how these teams are going to play during the long NBA season. It is still early on, but these teams have started out hot and hopefully they will continue to play well throughout the season. Hopefully,  we can see someone challenge the Cavaliers and Warriors.

#1 Los Angeles Clippers

  • Record: 7-1
  • PPG: 105.1
  • Streak: W4
  • Differential: +16.9

The Clippers are are not just winning, but they are blowing teams out. Blake Griffin is averaging a double-double and proving why he is the best power forward in the league. CP3 is averaging right under 20 PPG and is dishing out about 9 assists and grabbing 6 rebounds a game. They are getting a lot of production from their bench as well. Mo Speights,  Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers are all providing about 10 PPG coming off the bench. The Clippers roster is extremely dangerous, and they have one of the best rim protectors with Deandre Jordan. They could challenge the Warriors in the West.

#2 Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Record: 6-1
  • PPG: 111.4
  • Streak: L1
  • Differential: +7

The Cavs are still in form from their Finals comeback win, except I might argue that they are playing even better. They are finally getting the production from the big 3 that they dreamed of. Lebron, Kyrie, and Kevin Love collectively are averaging about 67 PPG and shooting around 45% from the field. Kevin Love has finally stepped up, and it looks like the championship has given him some new confidence. Lebron is basically averaging a triple-double and has not shown any signs that he has aged in the past couple years, (except his hairline). The Cavs will be number 1 in the East come playoffs.

#3 Charlotte Hornets

  • Record: 6-1
  • PPG: 105.1
  • Streak: W4
  • Differential: +8.4

Yes, the Hornets. They are actually playing extremely well right now and they kind of remind me of the MVP Derrick Rose Bulls team. They’ve got their star in Kemba Walker, and a bunch of role players who will play hard every night. I was really surprised to see how balanced the Hornets scoring is. Kemba, of course is the outlier, averaging 23 PPG, but then they have 8 players averaging 7-12 PPG. The Hornets are hot and hopefully they can kill the Jordan crying meme if they get a top 3 spot in the East.

#4 Golden State Warriors

  • Record: 7-2
  • PPG: 114.6
  • Streak: W3
  • Differential: +7.7

The Warriors started off the year slowly, but have won three straight and Stephen Curry is starting to catch fire. KD and Curry are the highest scoring duo in the league and Klay Thompson is averaging about 18 a game. I did not place them higher because they are giving up way too many points and their bench is not producing like it should. Also, when they lose, it is really bad. In their two losses, the Warriors are shooting 18% from three. However, they are getting into a rhythm and long term they’ll be fine. They do have the greatest shooting trio of all-time, so just give them some time.

#5 Atlanta Hawks

  • Record: 6-2
  • PPG: 108.6
  • Streak: W3
  • Differential: +9.4

The Hawks are coming off a big win against the Cavs and are playing great team basketball at the moment. Like the Hornets, they also have a very balanced scoring attack. We might have a new “Big 3” in the East with Howard, Millsap, and Schroder. Howard is producing way better numbers than Al Horford right now, so the Hawks front office is very happy with their new addition.


Honorable Mentions

Oklahoma City Thunder – Westbrook is playing possessed and is almost averaging a triple-double. The Thunder are 6-2 but every night is a tough game for them.

Toronto Raptors – The Hawks knocked them out of the top five but the Raptors are still 5-2 and Demar Derozan is averaging 34 PPG.

Houston Rockets – So far the Dantoni system has not collapsed and the Rockets are playing well. James Harden is playing point guard and is leading the league in assists per game while still pouring in 30 points a night. That’s hard to guard.




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