10 for 10

This is the newest installment of material on The Break Room. Every Saturday, our ten guys are going to give you ten stats that’ll help make your Saturday better. Enjoy.

James (@jaliebau11) *Stat of the week

UNC was the 17th team in the country heading into this week. They lost on Friday to continue the streak of the #17 team in the country to lose. That’s right, every week the team ranked #17 has lost. That is the kind of research that’ll move you up in the Office Power Rankings.

David (@Szymanski96)

The Washington Huskies have scored a touchdown on 53.2 percent of their drives. That is the best in college football today. In fact, the last team to be better was the Wisconsin Badgers in 2011. We’ll see if the Huskies efficient offense can beat the Trojans.

Franklin (@Fmiller17)

USC is 6-3 this season. I bet that one took a lot of research, Franklin. Lets keep an eye on where he puts himself in this week’s Office Power Rankings. The point he is trying to make is that USC is 6-3 and is still ranked. Not only are they ranked, but also they are ranked 20th in the country. Do the pollsters know something that we don’t? They sure didn’t on last Tuesday with the presidential election. Lets trust Franklin here and assume Washington is going to roll an overhyped USC.

Joe (@TheJoeMamba)

West Virginia has the most wins by a school that has never won a national title. A lot would have to happen this year for West Virginia to make the playoff, but a win against Texas this week would be a start.

Kyle (@Sams_Klub)

The first college football game took place in 1869 between Princeton and Rutgers. Both of these teams are in play today, so if you’re flipping through games, now you have a trivia question.

Ian (@Its_MillerrTime)

Wisconsin v Illinois in 1995 was the last ever tie in a college football game. You’re welcome for the answer to another trivia question. Also, ties only exist in the No Fun League (NFL) today.

Peyton (@peytonhughes208)

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have sold out 351 straight home games. Does this come as a surprise? I can’t imagine that there is much else to do in Nebraska.

Noah (nsmith_5)

Ohio State has been ranked #1 the most weeks since the AP Polls inception in 1936 with 105 weeks. Alabama has dominated as of recently, but we all remember the last time they met. Maybe Ohio State can sneak in the back door of the playoff this year and make it 106 weeks come seasons end.

Vincent (@scalilii)

Wake Forest has not beaten a top ten team since 1946. Today they play Louisville. They say all streaks must come to an end, right?

Brett (@BMattson1)

Washington State lost their first two games of the year. One of which came to Eastern Washington, a FCS school. Since then, Washington State has won seven straight and has become the #23 team in the country. If they can win this week, they finish the season with two top 15 teams (Colorado and Washington).


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Go and enjoy the hell out of your Saturday.

The Break Room Staff

One response to “10 for 10

  1. Now that is interesting stuff. For trivia, what political party tends to win the popular vote and yet lose the presidency? Give you a clue, their color is not green or red.


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