Top Plays of the Week

It was an exciting week in sports. NBA action is in full swing, college hoops season is upon us and one of the wildest college football Saturday’s we’ve seen. Here are best plays from the past week:

10. Hawks will go to the Eastern Conference Finals, you heard it here first. 

9. Who doesn’t love a little Pac 12 after dark?

8. Have you ever heard of Texas A&M Commerce? Me either until I stumbled upon this hidden gem of a play. The D-II school takes on Colorado Mesa in the first round of the playoffs next week.

7. Meyers Leonard showing off his white boy hops. 

6. Yoel Romero is my new favorite UFC fighter. Gives Weidman a flying knee to the dome then goes berserk during his celebration. Also, I’m not sure what language the announcers are speaking but I think it adds to the excitement in this video. 

5. Soccer is actually really big in Wisconsin, here’s proof: 

4. This just in: Kentucky has a very good basketball team. 

3. The White brothers are ridiculously athletic. Here’s Ka’Raun catching a touchdown, while on his back, while also being held for pass interference.

2. “I’d like to take this chance to apologize… to absolutely nobody.” 

1. Three top ten teams losing in the same night???? I love college football and all of its craziness. 


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