College Football Power Rankings 11/14

This is only week two of my power rankings and I am going to have to add a few qualifiers for this week. This was the craziest week in college football with #2,3,4,8,9,14 all going down. The issue with 2,3,4 is that they were undefeated. So now they have one loss just like the rest of the country. It’s very hard to judge where teams sit when everyone has one loss…… but here I go.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide – This isn’t even a question. They play tough teams and make their opponent look silly week in and week out. Even if they were to lose a game, I don’t see them getting out of the top 2.
  2. Ohio State Buckeyes- I still don’t think the BIG10 is that solid but right now Ohio State would be favored in every game except Alabama. Penn State is around #8-10 in polls (which is a product of the other teams they play) so people are taking them seriously, and that makes OSU’s one loss a good one. When the Buckeyes are on, they are ON. They can score with the best of ‘em and still have a chance for a few quality wins this season. QUALIFIER: The winner of the Michigan/ Ohio State game will be at #2 barring any other losses.
  3. Louisville Cardinals – The cards absolutely pass the eye test for me. They score 49.6 PPG while only giving up 20.3 PPG. That is an insane margin. Their one loss came AT Clemson (9-1) which is a solid loss especially if you watched that game. QUALIFIER: Clemson beat them head to head but as of this moment right now, Louisville is the better team. Clemson lost AT HOME to unranked Pittsburgh so as of right now this is how it has to be. Now if they both win out, then I would put Clemson back above Louisville based on that head to head, but right now is a different story.
  4. Michigan Wolverines- I put them here because they lost on the road to Iowa while Clemson lost at home. I’ve said before that the BIG10 top teams (Wisconsin, Michigan) only look strong because of the weak teams they play in conference, Ohio State being the exception. This all will sort itself out at the end, especially in Columbus at the end of the season, but between Clemson and Michigan, Michigan has the better loss. QUALIFIER: OSU/ MU decides a lot and if Clemson wins the ACC and Michigan doesn’t win the BIG10
  5. Clemson Tigers- In a neutral site game, I would say Clemson is favored against Washington. In the new era of the playoff, you are granted one loss and that’s what most of the top teams have. While Washington’s loss was against a better opponent at home, Clemson has beaten more quality opponents. Still think it will all figure itself out, but right now I think Clemson would beat my #6 team.
  6. Washington Huskies- I really like the Huskies but losing their one shot at official respect takes a toll on them. They have a chance to win the PAC12 and could vault themselves up with wins, and the inevitable loss of OSU/MU but they need to go back to the start of the year and beat teams with controlling victories.

This week’s takeaways – SEC only gets 1 team in the playoff. BIG10 Champ gets in (Wisconsin, Michigan, Penn State, Ohio State). BIG12’s Oklahoma, West Virginia, OK State can get in by winning out and a little help (Washington loss, OSU/MU). ACC’s Clemson gets in by winning out, and maybe the Cardinals if they also win out. PAC12’s Washington needs to convincingly win out.

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