#ThePeoplesHolder, Akron’s Kyle Foster for Holder of the Year

To my delight I received news a few days ago, that my good friend Kyle Foster was featured as a semi-finalist for the Peter Mortell Holder of the Year award, yes it’s a real thing, and yes it matters.

Kyle is easily the best choice for this award,  per Mortell’s outline the qualifications for the prestigious award are this:

Quality of cadence: Check! You know how the saying goes, you practice how you play. *Side note look at how he spins the ball…LACES OUT BABY!*

Fluidity of hands: MEGA CHECK! The guy’s easily got the best hands this side of the Mississippi

Post Hold Celebrations: Check! He does the right thing and shakes his linemen’s hands, not dance around like some Frat house joy boy.

However, when he does get pumped in big time situations like here during the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, he keeps it simple, like a Tim Duncan or Peyton Manning. He’s doing it the right way. I love it!foster

And Finally Positioning of laces: Biggest checkmark he’s got!  Just look at this, I would have loved to have kicked with guy holding.

There you have it, #ThePeoplesHolder Kyle Foster, a win for him is a win for America!


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