It’s ‘Bama and the Field

Hello boys and girls. Do you have a favorite college football team? You do? Well that sucks.

You know why that sucks? Because they aren’t as good as the Alabama Crimson Tide. Unless, of course you are an Alabama fan. Then it doesn’t suck.

It’s nothing personal. I mean hell, I’m a WVU fan and I know damn well West Virginia would get their ass kicked against ‘Bama. That doesn’t make me a bad fan, either. It makes me a realist.

In a season full of chaos and upsets, one thing stands certain. Alabama is the best team in the country and it’s. Not. Even. Close. In a world where three of the top four teams go down to mediocre ball clubs, Alabama continues to dominate. I always wonder what’s in the water there. What is Nick Saban doing to recruit all these guys who look like they’re coming from the NFL instead of high school? What are they doing strength and conditioning wise? It doesn’t matter. Whatever they’re doing is working and until other programs figure it out, the Alabama dynasty will continue.

Every year until something changes, instead of who will win the national title, the question should be “Alabama or the field?” Seriously, other than the 2010-2011 season, Alabama has always been a favorite in the past seven or eight years. Who can argue with that? They prove time and time again that they are the goliath of college football. Nick Saban is an absolute perfectionist. There is no arguing that nobody works harder than him to win every single game, every single championship he possibly can. I would go so far as to say he could possibly be put in higher standing than Bear Bryant in Alabama lore.


Don’t tell me I’m crazy for saying that either. Here’s some stats for each coach during their tenure at Alabama.

Win percentage: Saban 85%, Bryant 86%

Conference win percentage: Saban 83%, Bryant 83%

Even, right? Here’s the one that will blow you away.

Percentage of seasons with a national championship: Saban 44%, Bryant 24%

In almost half of his seasons as Alabama’s head coach, Nick Saban has won a national title. That is absolutely unheard of and will more than likely never be touched. Plus, Saban has one more if you add the title he won at LSU. All these numbers could rise for Saban if this season stays true to the course it has been going on.

Nick Saban is a legendary coach, nobody can dispute that. But even knowing that, seeing what he does is nothing more than utterly amazing. Alabama fans should enjoy this ride because Saban won’t be around forever. I’m not sure we’ll ever see a coach who has utterly dominated a sport like Saban has.

As for this season, it is a stone cold lead pipe lock of the year to say Alabama will make the College Football Playoff. And if I end up wrong (I really hope I am, I actually don’t like the Tide at all), I’ll pay Franklin $5. They are too dominant in every facet of the game for anyone to pick against them at any point this season. Then again, it’s college football so I could be dead wrong. Damn it, I hope I am wrong.

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