NFL Power Rankings Week 11

Below are my NFL power rankings. Enjoy, and leave a comment with your thoughts.

1. Dallas Cowboys- 8-1 Streak: W8 Differential: 88

The Cowboys just traveled to Pittsburgh to play a very motivated Steelers team. They found a way to win, and it was their eighth in a row. Until they lose, I can’t move anyone ahead of them. They have earned their spot at #1.

2. Seattle Seahawks- 5-2-1 Streak: W1 Differential: 35

The Seahawks went to Foxborough and beat the Patriots. I put the Seahawks much higher than most did last week and they proved me right. In fact, they are even better than I expected. I was already preparing how to explain them staying in my top three teams after a close lose to the Patriots, but thanks to a goal line stand, I don’t have to. The Seahawks are a top team in the NFL and I didn’t doubt them for a second.

3. New England Patriots- 7-2 Streak: L1 Differential: 78

The Patriots lost to the Seahawks at home on Sunday Night Football. I had the Patriots at #1 in last week’s power rankings, and I thought they would beat Seattle in Foxborough. Watching the game, it was clear that the Seahawks were the better team on the night. However, I don’t doubt that Bill Belichick can get his team ready come a rematch in the Super Bowl, but right now the Seahawks are better. The top three teams in the NFL are far and away better than the rest.

4. Kansas City Chiefs- Record: 7-2 Streak: W5 Differential: 37

The Chiefs have won five in a row over a very impressive list of quarterbacks (Carr, Brees, Luck, Newton). With the exception of their game against the Steelers in week 4, they have not played a bad game. They have proven they can get it done on both sides of the ball, and beat top-level teams. However, as impressive as the Chiefs season has been, they still haven’t convinced me that they are anywhere near the top three teams.

5. Oakland Raiders- 7-2 Streak: W3 Differential: 22

The Raiders are coming off of a bye week, and are going to have a Monday Night Football match up against a team I am very high on, the Texans. This game is going to show me a lot with these two teams. If the Raiders are a true top five team, they will win this game at home. Stay tuned.

6. Denver Broncos- 7-3 Steak: W1 Differential: 50

The Denver Broncos blocked an extra point, and returned it for two points to beat the Saints. What a turn of events. They now head into their bye week sitting sixth in the power rankings. The Broncos have a terrific differential considering they have three loses, and I believe it is a sign of the type of team that they can be. The have one of the best rosters in football, but they do not have a top-level quarterback. Sounds familiar to last season, except this year it is a quarterback at the beginning of his career, not the end. This lack of experience could hurt the Broncos down the stretch.

7. New York Giants- 6-3 Steak: W4 Differential: -2

The Giants just beat the Bengals on Monday Night Football for their fourth win in a row. As good as Eli Manning can be at times, he can be equally as bad. If the Giants can continue to win these close games, then they are going to be a threat in the playoffs. They are certainly a top ten team right now.

8. Atlanta Falcons- 6-4 Streak: L1 Differential: 37

The Falcons lost to the Eagles last week, but my opinion of them has not changed much. They are able to score enough points on a regular basis, but I am not sure that they have the defense to win a Super Bowl. They go into a bye week, and will have to come back ready for some big games. Their next two contests are against the Cardinals and Chiefs. These games will show us just how good the Falcons are.

9. Cardinals 4-4-1 Streak: W1 Differential: 42

The Cardinals just edged out the 49ers in a game that they were double-digit favors in. I know that they have underperformed all season, but I love the talent on their team. They have one of the best receiving cores, arguably the top running back, and a top ten quarterback. Add in one of the best coaches in football, paired with a top defense, and you start to wonder how they are 4-4-1. Their schedule isn’t getting any easier, but the Cardinals are going to win a lot of games going forward. I’m all in on the Cardinals.

10. Houston Texans- 6-3 Steak: W2 Differential: -27

I know the Texans have not been able to score the ball all year, but they have found a way to win every game they were supposed to. The Texan’s have only been defeated on the road by the Patriots, Broncos and Vikings. There aren’t many teams in the NFL that could win those games. The Texans are going to have to find a way to score the ball, but I really do believe that they are a top ten team right now. (This is the exact same thing from last week, they keep winning when they are supposed to and they’ll stay here.)

Teams to keep an eye on.

Washington Redskins

A lot of other power rankings have the Redskins in their top ten. I don’t, not because I don’t think that they are a good team, but rather because I think the other ten teams are better. We’ll see if the Redskins can continue to win and prove me wrong.

Detroit Lions

The Lions are coming off a bye. They play the Jaguars before their Thanksgiving Day game. This is a must win if they want to be considered a top ten team.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers proved their talents by taking the Cowboys down to the wire, but I still am not sure that they are going to be able to figure things out before the end of the season. Careless penalties, pathetic defense, turnovers, suspensions, and injuries have hurt the Steelers all year, and I’m just not sure they can figure it all out.

Miami Dolphins

Four wins a row, and I am starting to think I am overlooking the Dolphins. We’ll see what they do going forward.

Alabama Crimson Tide

I am pretty sure they already pay their players and total dominance at the collegiate level has me keeping my eye on them to make a move into my top ten.

David Szymanski (@Szymanski96)

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