Office Power Rankings: Second Edition

The rules are simple, everything that the guys have done in the past week will go into account. I will grade everyone equally and rank them 10-1. I can’t wait to see the discrepences this causes, what are they going to do, fire me? hahahaha

I am the judge, I am the jury, and in this case I’m the executioner.

10. Brett

2 weeks in a row, no articles. Was feature on 1 podcast, and met Calen Carr (former MLS player) at the USA game, didn’t do anything I asked. Sorry.

9. Frank (me)

Simply unacceptable, missed his Thursday show, moved it to Friday.. still missed it. didn’t put out a “What to watch” article on Monday, and is too dumb to figure out what’s going on with Periscope yesterday. He’s losing his fastball.

8. Joe

I think he’s still with us, I haven’t really heard much in the past week since his stellar politician article, go check that out. I’d still like to see more tweets for basketball though.

7. Kyle

Had a good show last Wednesday. Said he had his top plays article ready on Saturday, then texts us on Sunday and asks what to put. No show today, although I think he’s dying, like for real I saw a video of him in the Doctors office. It’s a light 7 from me.

6. Noah

Released a couple solid graphics. If an NFL scout were to give him a  Combine grade they’d say… he showed up, he showed up.

5. Peyton

Good articles, still would like to see a show,  did do a fine job on Twitter though. Not really much to say, just an average week.

4. Ian

Our capital J journalist had a great week, he has multiple articles and did his freakin job. Love it. He is scheduled to be on a special edition of Late Night tonight.

3. Vince

What an absolute grinder this guy is. 2 fantastic articles, one of which even got retweeted by the up and coming artist that was featured on it. ‘The Next Up’ series is phenomenal, hope to see this type of productivity again and again.

2. David

This was a hard decision, but at the end of the day I had to move him down a spot, it’s nothing he didn’t do, it’s just the other guy did a lot of things. David is still a beast, and completely understands what we’re trying to do here.

1. James

Excellent week, did a podcast. Periscoped the tailgates at the USAvMexico game, and even endured being called a profane word in another language, all for the sake of content. He’s a warrior, can’t wait to see his YouTube video that’s being released today.


There it is, tell me what you think about it. See you next week, I’m gunning for the top spot.




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