10 for 10

We are back with another edition of 10 for 10. This is when our ten guys give you ten things that they think you should know before you sit down for game day. A few of our stats will give you profound insights into the biggest games of the day. Some will give you the trivia knowledge you need to keep a conversation going. Others may just make you laugh. Ultimately, we are just here trying to make your game day better.

James (@jaliebau11) 

Yale has won more National Championships (18) than any other college football team, though their last came in 1927.  My question is, will number 19 ever happen?

David (@Szymanski96)

There are 10 teams that were ranked in the preseason that are not currently in the CFB Playoff Top 25. These teams are Notre Dame, Michigan State, Ole Miss, TCU, Houston, UCLA, Iowa, North Carolina, Baylor, and Oregon. Looking back at the preseason rankings, it is clear that the biggest busts have been Notre Dame, Michigan State, Oregon and the SEC.

Franklin (@Fmiller17)

Last week Franklin did some solid research and his stat was simply USC’s record. This week he sent in the fact that USC is still ranked ahead of 1 loss (WVU) and many 2 loss power 5’s. I heard that he might go on a hunger strike to  protest the rankings, stay tuned.

Joe (@TheJoeMamba)

Tonight will be the first top 10 (we don’t go off the CFB Playoff rankings here in Morgantown) matchup in Morgantown since 1993, when #9 WVU beat #4 Miami. Yet, gameday went to Western Michigan.. And we thought the media was biased against Trump. Why does everyone hate WVU? #NotMyGameday #NotMyRankings

Kyle (@Sams_Klub)

There are only 5 FBS head coaches who have NFL head coaching experience. Do you know who they are? A good gameday question with your buddies.

Ian (@Its_MillerrTime)

Mark Dantonio has never had less than six wins in a season at Michigan State. This year it’ll be 5-7 at best. Today, they play Ohio State where they will look to salvage some hope heading into next season.

Peyton (@peytonhughes208)

The election is behind us. Some are talking about some of the historically bad things that a President Trump could do. Well, in 1906 Teddy Roosevelt almost banned College Football due to the injuries sustained (before helmets). Luckily, he didn’t. Don’t even think about it, Donald.

Noah (nsmith_5)

When Baker Mayfield transferred from Texas Tech to Oklahoma, he had a period of time that he was ineligible because of Big 12 conference rules. He used this as an opportunity to join an intramural football team. After his second game he received an email saying he was no longer allowed to play. I wonder why.. Tonight, we will see if he can achieve the same level of dominance in Morgantown that he did on his intramural football team.

Vincent (@scalilii)

Wake Forest has not beaten a top ten team since 1946. They had a chance last week against the top ten team that was Louisville. Today they get another chance as they play Clemson. They say all streaks must come to an end, right?

Brett (@BMattson1)

Darrius Phillips, from Western Michigan, leads the nation in interception return yards with 230 accumulated on the year. Today, Western Michigan plays against a 2-8 Buffalo team. If Darrius Phillips gets a pick, he may just end up with more yards than the entire Buffalo offense. #NotMyGameday


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