NFL Power Rankings Week 12

Below are my NFL Power Rankings. I rank the teams based on what they have done, but also on what I think that they are capable of the rest of the season. Having said that, don’t get overly attached to teams records. The top three teams in the NFL are clear, and I am not even going to bother explaining why. The rest of the NFL is not so clear-cut. This week, we get three huge Thanksgiving Day games. A lot will be shown as to who are the real contenders in the NFL. Leave a comment with what you think of my rankings. Also be sure to tune into my periscope show on Wednesday at 830pm for Thanksgiving Day game previews. Follow @BreakRoomShow on periscope.

1. Dallas Cowboys- 9-1 Streak: W9 Differential: 98

2. Seattle Seahawks- 7-2-1 Streak: W2 Differential: 46

3. New England Patriots- 8-2 Streak: W1 Differential: 91

4, Oakland Raiders- 8-2 Streak: W4 Differential: 29

The Oakland Raiders are coming off of a win against the Houston Texans on MNF. They are tied with the second best record in the NFL, and have a manageable schedule from here on out. If they continue to win and capture home field advantage for the playoffs, then they could make a run. Their lack of experience may not be as much of a factor come playoffs as many of the other top teams have rookies under center.

5. Denver Broncos- 7-3 Steak: W1 Differential: 50

The Denver Broncos escaped against the Saints two weeks ago by blocking and returning a PAT. Coming off of the bye, they will play against the Kansas City Chiefs on SNF. This game will have major playoff implications, and will show how good these teams are. I am putting the Broncos ahead of the Chiefs because they have a more proficient offense. The Broncos and Chiefs are eerily similar in every statistical category except for offensive production. If I am right, then in the mile high city Denver should not lose this game.

6. New York Giants- 7-3 Steak: W5 Differential: 4

The New York Giants can’t lose. Their winning streak is not going to end against the Browns this weekend either. The test will come after that game when they play at the Steelers, and then host the Cowboys and Lions. The Giants will be tested before the end of the season, but if they continue to do what they have done, don’t doubt Eli can make a run in the playoffs.

7. Kansas City Chiefs- Record: 7-3 Streak: L1 Differential: 35

The Chiefs lost a game to the Buccaneers last weekend that they certainly should have won. If they lose to the Broncos this weekend on SNF, then their season could be on the verge of collapsing. This division with the Raiders, Broncos, and Chiefs is going to be exciting to watch as the season progresses.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers- 5-5 Streak: W1 Differential 23

The Steelers are a good team, but they have lost four of their last five games. That lone win came against the Browns. They are going to have to win on a short week against the Colts in order to keep the momentum they have. The Steelers have one of the most proficient offenses, but their lack of discipline, defense and depth has hurt them this season. If they can overcome these, they could be a threat in the playoffs.

9. Washington Redskins- 6-3-1 Streak: W2 Differential: 21

A big win on SNF has a lot of people too high on the Redskins. The good news is that you read The Break Room, and you are going to realize that their next three games are all on the road against the Cowboys, Cardinals and Eagles. Their schedule to this point has been underwhelming, and I expect their season to stall out over the next few weeks.

10A. Detroit Lions- 6-4 Streak: W2 Differential: 6

The Lions beat a mediocre Jaguars team last week. They are in sole possession of first place heading into a big Thanksgiving Day game against the Vikings. Last time they met, the Lions made a miraculous comeback to win. I am putting the Lions and the Vikings both at 10, because I want them to settle this on the field. Last game could have gone either way, and with the Lions having home field advantage they should be able to win. If the Lions do win this game, it will be because of their efficient red zone offense and MVP candidate Matthew Stafford.

10B. Minnesota Vikings- 6-4 Streak: W1 Differential: 29

The Vikings beat the Cardinals in a game I thought they would certainly lose. They were helped by two 100+ yard touchdowns on special teams and defense. I still maintain that because they have lost their running back, offensive coordinator and quarterback, they are not a real contender. They proved me wrong this week, and perhaps they will again on Thanksgiving against the Lions. There is also a chance that Adrian Peterson could return this year, and if he does then the Vikings turn into a top five team.

Teams to watch:

Atlanta Falcons- 6-4 Streak: L1 Differential: 37

The Falcons are the most one-dimensional team in the NFL right now. They rely solely on their offense. Offense wins championships, right?

Miami Dolphins- 6-4 Streak: W5 Differential: 2

The Dolphins beat the Rams in an ugly game last weekend to extend their win streak to five games. They should be able to make it six with the 49ers coming to town this weekend. The real test for the Dolphins will come when they travel to Baltimore on December 4.

Baltimore Ravens- 5-5 Streak: L1 Differential: 12

The Ravens lost to the Cowboys last week but I was impressed with the way they played. If they can get beat the Bengals and the Dolphins, it will set them up for a primetime MNF match up with the Patriots.

David Szymanski (@Szymanski96)

One response to “NFL Power Rankings Week 12

  1. Need to see your ranking of the coaches in the top ten. Teams can win based on talent, coaching, and. combinations. Also like to see your power rankings of offenses, defenses, and special teams.


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