College Football Power Rankings 11/28

Wow….I really don’t know where to start. This is such a messy top 8 that it’s hard to think there is one right answer but here I go with my college football power rankings. I try to find a good balance between who is most deserving and who is the better team. Mentally I take the top teams who most deserving and then rank them in order of who would beat who at this point on a neutral field. This is why I shake my head when people say USC should be in the Playoff.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide – This really isn’t a question. Tough competition, dominating performances and can line up against anyone with their second string in. Even with a loss to Florida, they are IN.
  2. Ohio State Buckeyes – I personally do not like the Buckeyes in any way but I think they are the second best team of those who are also deserving. I think playing in the BIG 10 has its perks but I would also have to put the Buckeyes up here at #2. Not playing in a title game might cause some discrepancy and next week these rankings might have some changes next week.
  3. Clemson Tigers – Huge benefit to playing in the title game for the tigers. Unlike OSU or Michigan, they have a chance to add a quality win in a big game. Win next week and they are IN.
  4. Washington Huskies – Like Clemson, the Huskies are IN with a victory this weekend. With a victory over a top 10 Colorado, they will complete their resume.
  5. Oklahoma Sooners – As I look at the other teams from 5-8, I think that Oklahoma would beat all the other teams. They are not IN as of yet, similar to the USC thing. The entire season must be taken into consideration and that is why you can’t forget the Houston loss. Oklahoma can score on anyone and against a questionable offense like Wisconsin, the badgers couldn’t keep up. The Sooners need losses from Clemson and Washington to be considered by the Playoff Committee but I do think they would beat Penn State, Wisconsin, and Michigan would be a toss-up.
  6. Wisconsin/ Penn State/ Michigan –  Now I know this isn’t really fair but I don’t know how to differentiate these teams. Wisconsin and Penn State will duke it out this week so we will see the better team. However, I still don’t think they are better than Michigan. It is crazy to me how the best 2 teams in the BIG10 aren’t playing but that’s just how it worked out this time. Michigan is definitely OUT and the winner of PSU and UW still needs a loss from Clemson or Washington.

In conclusion : Bama is IN. Washington and Clemson are IN with victories this week. Ohio State is IN without some BS rationalization from the committee. Michigan is OUT. Oklahoma should be considered with a victory before PSU/UW winner. USC may be a top 4 team but you have to show up to play all 12 weeks.

-Peyton Hughes

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