What to Watch: Monday November 28th

After an extended Thanksgiving break The Break Room is back and ready to dominate as usual. That all starts tonight with my world-famous “What to watch” series.

Let’s begin.

1. Sebastian Maniscalco- Aren’t You Embarrassed?

This guys is extremely funny, I heard about him a couple month ago and now I spend way too much time watching his stand-up. Below is his 2014 special ‘Aren’t You Embarrassed,” he also has one other special on Netflix and one just got released on Showtime, if you can afford that on a college budget.

2. Jackie (Trailer)

They should just go ahead and give Natalie Portman the Oscar for Best Actress, I’m kind of a history guy so this movie appeals to the movie nerd and history connoissiure characteristics I have.

Portman absolutely dominates the role of Jackie O, I can tell you that the actual movie deals mostly with her after the death of her husband (JFK), not her life leading up to her First Lady position.(Side bar: this movie is the English debut for Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín… See, I know stuff.) Watch the trailer here:

3. How America Became a Super Power

The title is self-explanatory, it’s just a really cool video, go watch it:

There it is, a great start to a great week of content. Let me know what you thought of the videos above. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @breakroomshow


P.S. Here’s the song for the week:

Just something to put on the aux at parties to get it going!

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