Big 10 Dominance

          There has been a lot of discussion recently about the flaws of the College Football Playoff. A few weeks ago I wrote what my solution would be, and I recommend that you go and see what the perfect solution looks like. I’ve made my case for why the playoff does not work and I am ready to move on. It’s time to look at what this new era of college football will be and who will have the most success.

          For a long time an enormous amount of emphasis has been placed on recruiting class rankings. To this I ask, how is Texas doing? They routinely have top ten recruiting classes and finish outside of the top-25 yearly. This year they are not even headed to a bowl game. Recruiting is significant, but coaching matters more. Think back to when the SEC was dominate in the BCS era of college football. Their coaches were Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, Les Miles and Steve Spurrier. There has never been that level of coaching all in the same conference. During this time period the SEC could not be beat by other conferences. In predicting this era of college football it is important to look at coaching to see who the best conference will be. Let’s start with my top ten coaches in college football.

  1. Urban Meyer
  2. Nick Saban
  3. Jim Harbaugh
  4. Bob Stoops
  5. Chris Peterson
  6. Dabo Sweeny
  7. Brian Kelly
  8. Mark Dantonio
  9. Jimbo Fisher
  10. David Shaw
  • Les Miles when he starts coaching again.

          Looking at this we can accurately predict what will happen over the duration of the CFB playoff era. The Big Ten is going to dominate. Not only do they have three top-10 coaches, they also have Lovie Smith, Paul Chryst, and James Franklin. Lovie Smith had a successful career in the NFL and will have the chance to turn his career around now that he is back at the college level at Illinois. Paul Chryst already won the Big Ten Coach of the Year Award and is coaching in his second Big Ten Championship game. James Franklin has been able to overcome the recruiting sanctions at Penn State and form them back into the powerhouse they once were. The Big Ten is beginning to achieve the same level of coaching dominance that the SEC once had.  

          The SEC’s struggle has been difficult to see because of Alabama and what they have done over the last decade. Coach Saban has seemingly prolonged the SEC’s dominance for years because of Alabama’s success. The conference has never been the same since Urban Meyer left, and now that Les Miles is gone the decline of the SEC will continue. The SEC is top heavy, to say the least, but the new playoff rewards conference depth. This season is a great example. The Big Ten has a chance to get three teams into the playoff, and regardless of whether or not it happens, it shows the possibility. When people look back at this era of college football they will see that the Big Ten dominated and the creation of the CFB Playoff was the start of the fall of the SEC. All of this because coaching matters. Here are the predicted conference rankings for the CFB Playoff era:

  1. Big Ten
  2. SEC
  3. ACC
  4. Pac 12
  5. Big 12

          The Big Ten has already, and will continue to dominate the CFB Playoff era. This dominance will be because coaching matters. We have already seen six teams in the Big Ten compete for a playoff spot and over the next few years the Big Ten is going to have the most chances at the championship. The SEC could fall even further depending on what type of coaches other conferences are able to bring in.

2 responses to “Big 10 Dominance

  1. This is why these coaches command what otherwise is considered absurd paydays. The players, in most cases, receive little more than an education. The big bucks go to coaching. You should next analyze the coordinators at these schools and how their departure affects the teams.


    • Education?!?! We’re talking about football here. The students make the choice to use their scholarships worth $35,000 a year education to play ball. Often taking less than reputable courses, with the best players going on to not even earn a degree. I see $120,000+ go to students who do not properly utilize what they have been given. Miss ya Detroit Dave 😉


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