NFL Power Rankings Week 14

1. Dallas Cowboys Record:11-1 Streak:W11 Differential:+105

The Cowboys are the best team in the NFL with their only loss coming against the Giants in the first week of the season. They will have a chance to avenge that loss on SNF in what should be a great game.

2. New England Patriots 10-2 W3 +112

3. Oakland Raiders 10-2 W6 +46

4. Seattle Seahawks 8-3-1 W1 +37

Last week everyone panicked when the Seahawks lost to the Bucs. I kept them in my top four and said that they would prove me right on SNF. They dominated a team that played in the Super Bowl last year. You can continue to doubt this team, but they are the real deal.

5. Kansas City Chiefs 9-3 W2 +39

My worry with the Chiefs was that when they went to play an offensive power they would not be able to put up enough points to compete. The Falcons have arguably the best offense in the NFL and the Chiefs just beat them. Watch out.

6. Detroit Lions 8-4 W3 +24

The Lions were 6.5 point dogs on the road against the Saints. They won by 15 in what was the most impressive win in the NFL this past weekend. It was also the first game the Lions have totally dominated all season. Next up is Da Bears and it seems as if the Lions have finally earned the respect of Vegas. They opened as 8 point favorites.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-5 W3 +54

The Steelers were 2 point favorites against the Cowboys a few weeks back and the public thought Vegas was dead wrong. Pittsburgh almost won that game. This past week they opened once again as 6 point favorites over a team that the public thought should be favored. This time the Steelers covered. The belief that Vegas has in the Steelers shows just how talented this team is. Come playoffs, watch for the Steelers to make a Super Bowl run.

8. New York Giants 8-4 L1 +8

The Giants lost on the road to a surging Steelers team . I know a lot of people see the Giants as a pretender after this game, but I look back and see a team that was only a few plays away from winning. They went for it multiple times on fourth down and with a few conversions they could have won the game. This weekend they play the best team in the NFL on SNF. I can’t wait.

9. Baltimore Ravens 7-5 W2 +49

The Ravens just murdered a red hot Dolphins team. Joe Flacco looked stupendous. It’s still going to be an uphill battle for the Ravens to make the playoffs because it looks like the AFC West may take both of the wild card slots. However, if the Ravens can make it into the playoffs then watch out for big time Joe Flacco.

10. Denver Broncos 8-4 W1 +57

The Broncos put themselves back into the playoff picture with their win over the Jaguars. I think they can make the playoffs if they can get Trevor Siemian healthy. However, the wins aren’t going to come easy as they play the Titans, Patriots, Chiefs and Raiders to finish the season.  

What to Watch:

AFC South

I am starting to like all of the teams in the AFC South. I just can’t tell who is going to make the playoffs. The Texans, Colts and Titans all sit at 6-6.

Cleveland Browns

They are coming off of their bye week. Can they get their first win?!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Another win has them tied for first in the division with the Falcons. They have two games left against the Saints and the first is this weekend. Will be interesting to see how they match up against this division rival.

David Szymanski (@Szymanski96)

One response to “NFL Power Rankings Week 14

  1. AFC south. Give us your power ranking for the three at 6-6 and tell us who will win the division. Mired in mediocrity I say Colts.


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