Lamar Jackson will NOT Win the Heisman Trophy Tonight

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the past Presidential election it’s that you can’t trust the media when it comes to polls. Listen, I love Lamar he’s a heck of an athlete, and chances are his name will be mentioned in Heisman talks over the next few years, unfortunately this won’t be the year he joins the most prestigious fraternity on earth.

Who will win you ask, DeShaun Watson simply because he’s a winner, and America loves winners, why do you think Donald Trump won the election?

And in Donald Trump-esqué fashion I will put an adjective in front of the eventual losers of tonight’s award. Chances are this will ruin their careers similar to “Lyin’ Ted,” and “Crooked Hillary.” Let’s begin:

  1. “Losin’ Lamar” He lost 3 times, and in the words of Super Bowl winning QB Trent Dilfer, “You can’t lose games… and still win.”
  2. “No Position Peppers” He’s not the best at any position, but he plays them all at an astonishingly average rate.
  3. “Recreational Hardo Baker” The guy has got a great mustache, but that doesn’t help the fact he’s definitely the type of guy that wears shooting sleeves in intramurals.
  4. “Adult Braces DeDe” Nothing really to say here, he’s basically the Rand Paul of this event. Side Bar: What’s with Oklahoma guys and messed up teeth, first Buddy Hield and now this guy.

I know what you’re thinking, “Frank, those are not adjectives… at all.” Yeah, you’re right, but Trump didn’t follow his own rules either, I mean he called Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ for Christ’s sake.

Watch me be correct tonight, and if by some chance I’m wrong we will not accept the results here at The Break Room, because the whole process was rigged. I mean how do we not have a vote yet?


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2 responses to “Lamar Jackson will NOT Win the Heisman Trophy Tonight

  1. I thought reading this article would actually provide good insight but it’s clear that none of you are being serious anymore


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