The Break Room Bowl Contest

The Break Room has grown faster over the last two months than any of us could have imagined. As a staff, we have decided to give all of our followers a chance to win something for their support. A $50 Amazon gift card. Now you’re probably thinking that a $50 gift card isn’t exactly a whole lot. Let me put it into terms that you can relate to. $50 is a fourth one of your textbooks for next semester… This contest is also free of any cost to join. To be eligible to win all you have to do is these three things:

  1. Be following @BreakRoomShow on Twitter OR like The Break Room Show on Facebook
  2. Share this article on whatever platform you follow us on (RT or Share)
  3. Enter our group on and make your entry name your actual name

The link to enter this contest is right here and the group name is The Break Room. The password for the group is BreakRoomShow. The rules are simple: Pick the most correct games and you WIN.

While we want our followers to win something, we also want to be a part of this. Each member of the staff is going to create an entry. If by some miracle one of us wins.. then we win. We will then put the gift card up for another contest later in the year (March Madness?). Lets be honest though, our fans know more than we do anyways, right? One of our best here at The Break Room, Franklin Miller, has said that this bowl season is going to be “bananas.” Heard he might even go with the strategy of picking all the underdogs so how hard could it be to beat us anyways? Come and join the fun. If you have any questions about this contest then email us at

The Break Room Staff

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