What to Watch: Monday December 12th

Back once again for my internationally known, ‘What to Watch’ series. (Seriously we get page views from other countries). If you don’t know what it’s about by now, you will never know.

Let’s get it started, today I have 3 (count em’) 3 videos that you should defeinely completely totally watch tonight.

1. Tina Fey’s Hilarious Attempt at Impressions

Tina Fey is low-key…forget that she is high-key wife material of a lifetime. Most of her impressions are good, but her Jack Nicholson is HILARIOUS because it’s not the closest thing I’ve heard. Side bar: I’m starting to like Fallon more, he’s not number 1 to me but he’s moved up. Still feels like a YouTube show that features famous people.

2. Patriots Day (Trailer)

I actually wrote a little blog/article whatever it is I don’t know, about this topic. The video below is the second trailer but you can watch the first and read my old article HERE.

3. Jerry Seinfeld and Will Ferrell Hangout and Talk Comedy

Unfortunately I can’t embed the whole video, but if you like what you see in the trailer, you can watch it in its’ entierty HERE.

As always if you liked any of these just let me know on Twitter @fmiller17 or @breakroomshow.


Here’s the song for the week:

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