NFL Power Rankings Week 15

I decided to do these rankings in a more lighthearted and comedic way this week. With that being said the only teams with a shot at the Super Bowl are in my top 8. Enjoy.

1. New England Patriots Record:11-2 Streak:W4 Differential:+119

Not even Bill Belichick would put the Patriots at number one. He certainly wouldn’t find any of this funny either. What is funny? His response to being asked a question about the ‘butt fumble’ a few weeks ago.


2. Dallas Cowboys 11-2 L1 +102

The only team to beat the Cowboys this season has now done it twice. Everyone knows if Romo had been playing against the Giants then they would have been 1-1. I mean the guy always went .500. The coin flip before the game literally decided the outcome and that might be the best argument to play Romo.

3. Kansas City Chiefs 10-3 W3 +47

Alex Smith is like the Jeff Fisher of quarterbacks. Historically super average stats but finds a way to stick around. However, he has now fallen under one of the best coaches in football. Imagine if Jeff Fisher had Tom Brady under center. He might still have a job.

4. Oakland Raiders 10-3 L1 +38

One of the best part of Derek Carr’s game has been his decision making. However last week Carr went 17-41 and also ‘befriended’ Johnny Manziel.. Someone has got to put this man through concussion protocol ASAP.

5. New York Giants 9-4 W1 +11

The Giants two most impressive wins of the season have come against a backfield with a rookie quarterback and running back. Not very impressive when you look at it that way. Also, Eli isn’t even the best quarterback in his family. 

6. Detroit Lions 9-4 W4 +27

The Lions haven’t won their division in 23 years. The Red Wings haven’t missed the playoffs in 25 years. Looks like the Lions might take the division this year and the Red Wings might miss the playoffs. Oh, and Donald Trump is president. Imagine if I had told you all of this a few months ago. Wow.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-5 W4 +64

Le’von Bell outscored and out-gained the entire Bills defense on Sunday. The only joke here is the Bills run defense.

8. Seattle Seahawks 8-4-1 L1 +42

Most people are overreacting to the Seahawks loss but here at The Break Room we are seeing the positives from this game. If you include Russell Wilson’s interceptions (5) as completions (which they are, just to the other team) then he was 27-39 passing on the day. Not awful.

9. Green Bay Packers 7-6 W3 +21

If you can figure out the Packers then good for you. Aaron Rodgers plays some weeks like he is still at Butte Community College and other weeks like he is a Super Bowl winning quarterback. I like their potential when they are playing their best, but even the Browns could be good when playing their best.

10. Atlanta Falcons 8-5 W1 +83

The Falcons have scored 70 more points than any other team in the NFL and their still just 8-5. If you’ve been betting the over with them all year then congratulations on your retirement.

What to Watch:

Cleveland Browns

Perfection is attainable. No wins yet. The only way this season could get better would be if they went and hired Jeff Fisher for the last game of the season to go 0-16. Fisher would also become the losingest coach in NFL history along with the Browns being the worst team ever.

NFC South and North

There are many teams in these divisions with a chance at the playoffs. None have a shot at the Super Bowl.

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David Szymanski (@Szymanski96)

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